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Daydream's Dragon Hoard of Half-Baked Setting/Character Ideas: Borrow These!

Originally Posted by Avaday Daydream View Post
#23: Too many hit points.
A playing-with-different-rules thing for 3.5/Pathfinder.

How do you win a combat encounter? By making it so that all enemies are unable (or unwilling) to effectively fight.
Traditionally, the way to do this is to hit them with a big stick until they run out of hit points, but, I was thinking, what other ways are there?

Well, if an enemy is tied up after a successful grapple, or paralysed by a hold monster spell, or put to sleep/unconsciousness by who-knows what, or even petrified, they can't fight.
If they're stunned, or dazed, or nauseated, or panicked, that stops them from taking actions (aside from running around like headless chickens, in some cases) for a short while.
And, if a warrior's been disarmed, tripped up, slowed, had their fancy items stolen, blinded, entangled, cursed, etc, then that'll make it very hard for them to win a fight. For magic users, being entangled, grappled, cursed, or just being bludgeoned makes it pretty hard for them to concentrate on their magic.

Now...what if we gave everyone more hit points? Like, say, ten times more? For whatever reason, everyone in the world has much more life-force, to the point that your common kobold can withstand being impaled by a greatsword.
How would that affect matters, when it takes an order of magnitude longer to kill someone with physical damage alone? Gangs of weaker creatures (city guards, goblins, etc) could gang up, working in concert to debilitate much more powerful foes without being torn apart by the first attack. Titans and giant monsters might become notorious threats, when 'crush your foe in a single blow' becomes a much bigger boast. Traditional high-damage dealers (barbarian, rogue, evoker) might benefit more from destroying whatever traps and hazards their foes lay, sundering their foes weapons, or trading their damage potential for manoeuvrability. Many monsters might escape to fight another day, or be captured and cursed to keep them under control. Areas might be a little more resistant to famine (that is, starvation-induced HP loss), too...what else, I wonder?

In any case, such a setting, with everyone having ten times more HP, fights would be a lot less lethal on both sides, and be much more rewarding to characters who specialise in weakening opponent attacks. Maybe it'd be worth a shot?
Wouldn't this just increase the huge gap between Tier 1 classes and the rest? Wizards and the like can effectively take things out of combat without dealing HP damage. So much so in fact that HP damage is considered inefficient on those classes. Fighters rogues monk and the like would suffer from this.

Mm, maybe a little. It would definitely mean that non-magical classes would be attacking CMD a lot more frequently than AC, that's for sure. Maybe they should get more feats to compensate for the number of maneuvers they'd need to use?


#24:A few ideas for superpowers.
Relating to Mutants & Masterminds 3e

#24a: Somatoceptor
Tactile sense, Acute+Ranged+Penetrates Concealment+Extended
That's what I called it in The New Avengers game, anyway.
The somatoceptor, or somatic receptor, or whatever would be a good name for it, is an organ used for telekinetic triangulation.
Broadcasting a minuscule level of telekinetic force over a wide area, any resistance or disruption of the energy-field, by the presence of sufficiently dense objects (solids, liquids, some heavy gases, etc) feeds back to the receptor, which triangulates the location of the disruption (like how having two eyes gives you depth perception).
When the energy field comes into contact with lots of solid objects at once (say, like on Earth), it gives its possessor an accurate mental map of his/her entire surroundings.

The mental map generated by the somatoceptor is useful for a variety of things; seeing the layout of entire buildings, finding hidden bombs, seeing the inside of locks (or watching someone enter a keypad code), spotting hidden foes, navigating mazes (actually, the character I had it on was a minotaur).
Its downsides are that it can get disorientating when travelling at high speeds, and it can't detect things like poison gas, holograms, ghosts, or very effectively read computer screens or even ink on paper.

#24b: Psionic-Optical Reactive Skin
I'm not actually certain what the stats for this would be. Possibly some kind of Reactive Remote Sensing linked to Precognition/Postcognition, limited to targets observing you?
How do you tell when you're being watched? With this ability. Through some strange method that exploits trace psychic potential in sapient beings and/or quantum observation principles, this skin/hide/fancy suit not only alerts you to whenever someone is watching you, but also tells you exactly where they are, whether they're looking through binoculars, a sniper scope, a security camera, or a crystal ball. It even works on people watching footage in the future or on prophets in the past!

This is more of an expensive party trick than anything else, but it has a handful of applications; you can stare at ninjas who think they're unseen, get warning of snipers, and if you have teleportation, you can pull a Speak-of-the-Devil on anyone who so much as glimpses you (Golden Freddy style, but perhaps less creepy).

#24c: AI with solid-holographic avatar (or, ghost with phylactery?).
Regular intelligent construct, but with device (with increased Toughness) that provides Regeneration+Immortality...maybe?
This is more an entire character concept than just a power; an AI living in a Digivice-like device, that projects a solid hologram in order to carry its device around and do heroic stuff. If the holographic avatar is ever damaged or destroyed, the device can quickly rebuild it. The character's stats would basically be built around the avatar's coded abilities, with some points going towards the device to let it perform healing/repair functions for the AI.
Does that make sense? A similar design could also work for a classic lich-with-a-phylactery, D&D style, I think.

More HPs would just make fights take 10x longer. No thanks.


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