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Character Creation

Character Creation

Create your character as per 127-128 of Exalted 3e.

Please only one Flaw, if any.

The following Martial Arts Styles are not available at character creation: Righteous Devil, Silver Voiced Nightingale, or Steel Devil

The Following Martial Arts Styles greatly complement the setting: Black Claw Style, Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style, & Ebon Shadow Style.

After you create your character gain 25 xp to spend. You may buy the charms of the "banned" martial arts styles with this experience if desired.


You may gain extra xp for the following -

Give me a heroic mortal/god-blooded/fae NPC that is in the War of Romances - detail their interests, desires, and what schemes they may be in.

Give me a terrestrial exalt/liminal exalt/exigent NPC in the War of Romances - same as above

Give me a celestial exalt/spirit NPC in the War of Romances - same as above

Give me a Kingdom in the Hundred Kingdoms - see how I detail them, your NPCs may be located in this Kingdom or you may have great power over it.

Give me a juicy plot/problem/rumor about the War of the Romances - is a plot of assassination going around, is it common knowledge that the Warlord's wife is only with him to champion her daughter, give me something great!

For each of these you get 5 xp and have added to the world proper. You may take Intimacies tying yourself to these people and places if you wish. If this pushes you to 50 xp total, your Essence goes to 2.

You may use this xp for Story related Merits


I am not the best at Homebrew with Exalted 3e...YET. I am definitely willing to work on that, as I was able to help with 2.X of Exalted back in the day. With the way Artifacts work now I definitely want to do that as well. This will also house the Homebrew that I find on other sites that I allow (and which may be brought to me).

New Martial Arts

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