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Who wants to be an adorable little critter?

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Who wants to be an adorable little critter?

Little Critters - Forum

So, after a good amount of discussion, a cute and funny Pathfinder game is in the process of construction! Everyone's agreed on being little animals that do good deeds.

We haven't gotten too far yet, mind; before anything else, we need to settle on just what plot we want to go with. Currently, the search to restore the Octochromatic Emerald is leading.

That said, we do have character creation rules up (except for starting equipment, that'll depend on the plot), as well as a house-rule or two designed to encourage silliness and risk-taking.

Did I mention the animals? This is your opportunity to play Pathfinder as a chinchilla.

Go here to vote on what plot you want to play.

Edit: It's official; we're playing the Octochromatic Emerald game!

Game Description:

Your average Pathfinder game.

Well, except that your whole party are teeny little animals.

And it is going to be very, very silly. Also ridiculously cute. Crank up those Charisma scores, peoples.

If I ever fall asleep and forget to do important stuff, you can PM me...zzz...
I have too many ideas for Game Planning, come borrow some of them!

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I kinda want to play only cause I want to be a tiny little critter too! But I dont know anything about pathfinder ;;

This looks so great...I want to give it a try soooooo bad, but I'm already in so many other games.

Ferret... barbarian...

An orc that doesnt quite get that his attempts to intimidate and terroize are now precious and heartwarming...

Drezdok...I totally just spit mango infused Diet Coke all over my keyboard. Thanks for that.

Nobody called dibs on the tanuki ? Dibs.

If vetoed. Gizmo

If there are still foxes avalible I'd like to be a spot!!
Wow.. Lol got a bit excited.. this seems like a really fun idea, let me know if there are still openings.

I'd like to be a weasel xD . If theres any room for another player, I would like to play this. Its a new roleplay experience I would love to try.

We've settled on a plot; your party will be seeking the shards of the Octochromatic Emerald in order to return to normal.

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