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Calling all scoundrels, pirates, and Force Users in the middle

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Calling all scoundrels, pirates, and Force Users in the middle

The Sith Irrupt - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Knights of The Old Republic

Join us on an adventure in an era where we write the histories.
A few years before the assembly of the ARMY of LIGHT, the Sith have consolidated
leadership under an ex-Jedi named SKERE KAAN.

The stars are aligned for characters to establish their own place in the galaxy.
Previous Sith sympathizers are now striking off on their own, while the same could be
said for Republic loyalists splintering away with their disapproval of complacency.

The campaign will hinge on the grey area between noble-light and the pure corrosion of the Dark Side.

With new and exciting character construction rules, you are sure to build a character unlike any you have built before.

~nearly a month left

Game Description:

The Sith Irrupt

Rumors are spreading, rumors of a consolidated Sith force amassing near Ryloth…

Since the time of Darth Ruin, nearly a thousand years ago, the Sith have squabbled over meager territories and fiefdoms throughout the outer rim.

With their attentions previously occupied by infighting, the Sith are now operating with a level of organization and conviction that sends shivers down the spine of the fractured Jedi Order.

One of their own, a fallen Jedi named Skere Kaan
has defected and assembled a Brotherhood of Darkness.

Gathering strength in the Outer Rim, it seems only a matter of time…

For nearly a millennia the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order suffered relentless attacks from the New Sith Empire and its allied Separatist factions. Pushing in on Republic territories, the Sith managed to take control of the Outer Rim Territories and continued to move closer and closer to the Core Worlds. As the Republic's control of entire regions of space fades, adventurous Jedi Knights struck out into the galaxy, clearing whole star systems and sectors of Sith influence.

Established as hereditary Jedi Lords in their constituent sectors and systems, these Jedi kept the peace for centuries in an attempt to hold back the darkness of the Sith Empire.

Establishing the Jedi Grand Council, a council of Lords working independently from the Jedi High Council on Coruscant, these Lords assumed control of local system and sector armies, having earned the respect and fealty of those living under their rule. While the Lords kept the peace, the High Council on Coruscant attempted to raise their own champion, Jedi Master Skere Kaan. Despite their best efforts to reign in his radical beliefs, Kaan separated from the Order and formed the Brotherhood of Darkness.

Mustering of the Lords
Disgusted with the Jedi High Council's utter failure to control Kaan, the Jedi Temple's own battlemaster, Lord Hoth, left Coruscant with a band of followers and attempted to rally the banners of loyal Jedi…

Everywhere in between
Historically, when the Jedi and Sith start to amass their armies, systems far and near begin to prepare. Some systems see an opportunity to bypass unfair legislation, while others make bold moves to carve out a new future for their people. With war on the horizon, bold transformations can be seen taking shape. The future is clouded, but if it is anything like the past, fortune will again favor the prepared.

A middle path, with light and dark on either side.This campaign is focused on the ability to offer multiple parallel stories, without direct PVP encounters.

Based on our discussion for this style of game, our goal is for a group of light-gray, in-the-middle-gray, and or darker shaded groups to undertake their own sandbox style adventures. Tailoring interesting events, missions, risks, and rewards for two small groups (3-4)to walk the paths less traveled in a mid level campaign (level 9) with a high-level starting-credit pool (250,000).

With the Jedi on one side and the Sith on the other, it is in this wide and uncharted middle-ground where out players will interact with galaxy. Assisting or opposing one of the polar extremes of Jedi/Sith is where the freedoms and liberties will be best experienced.

This is before the Rule of Two, and many Jedi and Sith have staked their claims in various systems. The galaxy may see the conflict building, but the lines have not yet been drawn. Play your enemies against each other, or embellish upon your loyalties to direct the flow of an uncertain current to a river of assuredness for your allies.

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