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Plastic Roses

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Plastic Roses

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Hey there. I'm new and wanted to try to give as much as get on this site so I figured I'd whip up a simple VtM game. I'm looking for 3-5 players to try out this game. I like a lot of Clans and Bloodlines so I decided to try my hand at Anarchs since there is a Camarilla and Dark Ages game at the moment.

I hope character creation isn't too dense. I have way too many V20 books.

I will probably be updating the campaign as time goes on before character selection.

I'm thinking of a recruitment time of two to three weeks.

Game Description:

The California Free States - The place for Anarchs to dream about going to live. The bastion of their credo. This mecca for many vampires spreads dotted across the state and even down into Mexico through pockets of lax control. This means it is always surrounded by enemies, be it Sabbat, Camarilla, or even bizarre Asian threats that now haunt the California wastes.

Where are you? Los Angeles baby. The Camarilla and Sabbat snake around the city, stalking inside when they are brave or perhaps testing the power of the vampires within. The Anarchs are not backing down.

The first Anarch Chantry has risen in Los Angeles. The Chantry, unlike Camarilla ones, even accepts the rare Koldunic Sorcerer or Abyss Mystic who might be joined to the cause. Beyond that no fewer than three gangs reside inside the city, each chapter recruiting the best and brightest. A school of tactics run by some of the eldest of Anarchs has a place of tutelage inside. An old library filled with philosophical minds accepts those questing for their own path.

Los Angeles beats vibrantly. These Kindred are tough and ready to push back against the tides.

Welcome to Los Angeles by Night, a tale of vampires in the Anarch world.

Ooooo! I like the idea! I'll try to get a character up possibly by tomorrow or so. It's rare when a good sounding game surfaces.

If newbie characters are allowed too... then technically I still can't keep Cleo exactly how I want because 15th Gens aren't allowed. Spoil my fun

Indeed. Many an application... not sure if it's because it's L.A. or what... and even though I know I don't have a hope in hell, I still threw my hat in the ring, because why not?


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