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Mage 20th - Magick with a K

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This is my check to see if a Mage game versus a Changeling game would be more well received on the site. I am sorry for the anorexic details about the campaign but I am more uncertain with Mages as there are many more variables with them.

Personally I want a game about the way reality can be altered, the differences between the mages, the paradigm shifts of the early 2000s, and accepting the new shifts in the Traditions themselves.

As stated in my other game this is the World of Darkness but I am inclusive be it race, sexual orientation, or what have you. The views of the NPCs are not that of the ST.

This is your chance to play a Mage and alter your own destiny. Shape reality to your will. Tell me what kind of story you want to tell.

Game Description:

The Paradigm. The Paradigm always changes.

Currently it is unrest. Political shifts have rocked the world. Change comes in rapid tides as veneers of charisma give way to falsehoods underneath. People seek answers for questions they never thought to ask before.

It happens. It's cyclical.

This cycle is the year 2002 in San Francisco, California.

The time of Charmed. The time of revival. The time of burgeoning hope.

A time when Magick is stronger than ever.

I've had a GM allow my Virtual Adept assist in a Chorister ritual by building an antena to better send prayers to god.

I've also had a (different) GM grind my ass demanding I explain what is the internal logic that allows my enochian spell to teleport me.

I don't really get that. "It's the way it's always been done" seems like the Hermetic mantra.

Maybe I've just never had to deal with one, but to me it seems like being a hardass GM in Mage is self-defeating. It's supposed to be about possibilities and open-endedness and wringing every weird little drop of potential from every dot. (Cuz let's face it with 45 dots to learn you're not becoming an archmage any time soon.)

Maybe a smokescreen? There might be an underlying concern that isn't being addressed. Sometimes it's hard to just be honest and say "Look, I don't have anything prepared for that and I need to get back to you."

Although really it's hard to dissect without context. I think the point, though, was the sometimes large disparity in interpretation of the rules and the scrutiny that follows. I can't personally think of a better example lol.

Originally Posted by Wyrdling View Post interpretation of the rules...
Which version of the rules?!!




Originally Posted by SageBahamut View Post
It's kinda funny because the simple way of explaining paradigm boils down to "magic works exactly how you think it's supposed to."

(insert wall of text)

So, yeah, magic works exactly how you think it's supposed to, for better and for worse.
Sage, you have just given me a really good reason to really look into Mage now. If I can secure myself a copy of the book, I may very well be interested in this one...


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