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Where were you on Unification Day?

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Where were you on Unification Day?

Serenity: Unification Day - Forum

About Me/The Game: Firefly/Serenity has always been my first love as far as GMing here on the Weave. I joined a long time ago (it feels like) and tried my hand at a couple of different things but nothing really stuck. Well I got obsessed with Firefly and the sequel movie Serenity by Joss Whedon (check it out sometime if you never have). Since then it seems like I've always been running a game set in that Space Western setting called the 'Verse, where the planets closer to the Core of the system are endowed with technological wonders sufficiently advanced such that they could almost be called magic. Meanwhile the planets out on the Rim scratch and survived on barely terraformed planets, as close to Earth-That-Was as we could make 'em but... it's a hard life, make no mistake.

I'm looking for an intrepid crew to pilot a modified Firefly class transport, following their nose for a good deal, their own moral compass, and their "good Bible" when all else fails. There's a wave that just came in over the Cortex about a derelict just a short burn away from your current position, but low-hanging fruit like that isn't like to last long out on the vine and if you don't snatch it up somebody else ruttin' will!

We're going to start at Veteran but advance quickly as we get some work under our belts. There is room for people to overlap slightly in skills so don't worry about making the most special snowflake (tm). For the first time ever as a Serenity/Firefly GM I will be allowing Readers. Companions will also be permitted. Both Readers and Companions will be scrutinized heavily so apply at your own risk.

The Crew: We're all just folk. There's the Captain, they don't necessarily own the ship but oftentimes that's how it goes. Gotta have somebody to fly it as well if it ain't the Captain's job too, but it usually makes sense to have more than one person knows the boat's controls. Somebody's gotta keep her running when she breaks down, again that might be something the Captain does but you see how a body can get stretched thin trying to keep an iron in every fire.

I suppose a boat doesn't need a Captain if the crew has another way of keeping things straight, but too many cooks in the kitchen and you wind up eaten by gorram Reavers as the sayin' goes.

Anyway after that it depends on the kind of work you want. If it's dangerous and you might get a new hole or two shot in you, maybe keep someone hired on who can patch that up. Always pays to have someone who can negotiate a good rate on your next job. These sorts of things are common sense, but the list of talents and skills that are in demand is long and lengthy in the 'Verse.

The crew can be old friends, new associates, or a mix, but they will all get along and work together at least at first. Things can get interesting when the money gets too good, but only once we've established a cohesive crew dynamic and gotten some play under our belt. It isn't okay to derail a game early by being an antagonist when you're supposed to be a protagonist.

That kind of behavior will get you shot.

Gameplay: This isn't the game where you roll "Search" and then I give you a different text wall depending on the number. If you want to look around, check under the rug, in the drawer of the nightstand, under the mattress, or in the light fixture. If you want to persuade, be persuasive. If you want to intimidate someone then your manner better be intimidatin'!

In this game, dice are there to hurt you or help you, but they can't carry you. They can be the lynch pin, the straw that breaks the camel's back, the leg-up, the last nail in the coffin. The dice are what seals the deal, but you've got to be the one to strike it in the first place and sell it to me with your post.

Please do not post a single line or two sentences except in rare circumstances where it is appropriate. I don't try to bury you in text but when I sit down to write a post I put some thought into it and try to give it substance and I expect you to do the same, please.

Above all else remember: Be excellent to each other. I don't mind kicking OOC trouble-makers early if I get even a whiff of BS.

Posting Rate: Will have flexibility. 1-3 posts a week is ideal but we might take breaks for holidays etc when it makes sense and if you get busy, just communicate with me and the other players and we will be fine. Repeated absenteeism without communication will receive disapproving raised eyebrows and strongly-worded letters.

To Apply: See the instructions in the Application Format Thread please. Any questions should go in the OOC thread (use private text for sensitive character questions), not in a PM, please don't PM me.

Application period will last two weeks. Extensions will be given if requested.

Anything I Forgot: Just ask. A good GM/player relationship hinges on communication so let's start getting to know each other now.

Game Description:

Six years ago today the Alliance named themselves victors over the rebellious Independents, having scattered the disorganized rabble to the solar wind. It was true to a point; the Independents were routed to the point that meaningful opposition was no longer possible. To many, however, the war never ended.

Some folk don't make sense with their boots on the ground. For some folk, the Black is home. Sailing planet to planet, port to port, they take what work they can find. They do whatever it takes to keep flying, to have a place to call home. Some folks lost their homes in the war. Some folks lost what makes a home home in the first place: Family.

...don't pay me no mind, I tend to ramble like that whenever U-Day comes 'round.

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I really enjoyed the last Serenity game you ran, Bribes. I'd pitch Charlie or another character for this if I could but circumstances mean I need to cut down on games, not increase them.

Best of luck and whoever you choose will have a great time, I'm sure.

I'm closing this app and I might be making selections sooner than this weekend. If you are still working on an application, go ahead and finish it up and I will consider it; I've been known to take one more terrific app in the past, even when I should have stopped taking players a long time past.


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