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A Return to the Shuffling Madness

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A Return to the Shuffling Madness

In the Shuffling Maddness - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

Pinnacle City is just as it's name implies, it is the pinnacle of human accomplishment. Masses of people are drawn to it each year to tour the lavish gardens and waterways, browse the nearly endless shelves of tomes and ancient texts in it's grand libraries, or shop for exotic items from the farthest reaches of the world in the legendary merchant district. The city is also home to the Arcane Colleges of all primary schools of magic, each of which take an active role in the running of the city. Whether it be the intricate sewer systems designed and managed by the Transmuters or the city morgue run by the Necromancers every college contributes to what is the most advanced city the world has ever seen.

The glossy veneer of the city in no more than a facade however, a mask that hides it's dirty secrets from the world. The city is rife with turmoil and conflict just below the surface, class envy runs rampant among the poor while corruption seems to be hereditary among the nobles, and with each passing generation the gap widens and the wounds fester. The city tenements are grossly overpopulated and crime runs rampant. The City Guard constantly patrols the area, but knowing the task before them to be insurmountable they mostly work through the organized crime elements to accomplish their goals. They are well trained however and when a show of force is needed they're happy to supply, but they are little more than a hammer to drive the nails back into place.

On occasion a crime is so baffling or heinous in nature it requires the attention of a more elite group, the Special Investigators Unit. A selection of the most talented individuals in the cities employ, they root out the true criminal masterminds and psychos that plague the city, tracking them relentlessly until they are brought to stand trial or put down like the rabid dog they are.

This will be a campaign starting at 8th level that will go as far as the players like. I've built this to be living city populated by characters with their own motivations and agendas, so if the first installment goes well we can continue on to others. This will be an urban setting and will be largely investigative and social in nature, but for those of you that have played in or read any of my games you likely know that I enjoy good tactical combat, so you can certainly expect some of that as well.

Creation Rules

Setting Details & Important NPC's


This will be a reboot of a previous campaign, and previous players are openly invited to return, although at this point there are only two (Rauhric & Dnd4life). I will be starting a new group in addition to the returning players, and at some point the two groups will intersect and merge. The investigative & social nature of this campaign does not lend itself to a large group, so the number of players accepted will depend on the quality of apps and the number of returning players.

Recruitment will run for approximately 2 weeks, with a target close date of Sunday 2/25.
I anticipate recruiting 2 - 4 new players, creating a party of no more than 4 - 6 when everything is said and done.

Thanks for your interest & Happy Weave'n
- Skarn

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Originally Posted by dalamb View Post
@Jalle: You can track down what you need by following the Forum link at the top of the page. Start by reading the character creation rules then create a
I recommend starting with a "work in progress" post and rolling your dice in the SECOND message in your thread, so your final app is easy to find in the first post.
personal thread.
Aaaah, thanks! Now the whole applying process is making a lot more sense .

Originally Posted by Thramzorean View Post
Aye. But you'll need to get moving at this stage. You'll see Skarn's put in a deadline of this Sunday the 25th...
Thanks for the heads up. I'll start with my application right away!


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