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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

This is a D&D 5th Edition game, starting at 4th level, and set in a vast and dangerous galaxy. It will be a sandbox game in nature, with the adventurers able to explore the galaxy at their heart's desire. The detailed overview for this setting can be found here. Character application will be open until February 20th, with party selection being made by the 24th.

Application Guildelines: Application guidelines can be found here.
Basic Character Sheet: A rough idea of what your character is and can do. It doesn't need every bit of the math done, just enough that I can understand what is going on.
Physical Description: An idea what your character looks like. A couple sentences or a picture will do.
Personality: Again, I don't need paragraphs, just a rough idea.
Backstory: This is the big one. Where in the galaxy is your character from? Do they have any goals? What kind of person is your character, and what kind of adventure are they searching for?

Ultimately, I'm not really looking for essays, but I'm not going to hold a wall of text against someone.

And about me. I've been DMing games where on Weave for about three and a half years and in real life for close to a decade. I tend to run games that are a mix of role and roll play, but ultimately adjust what the game I'm running looks like based on the interests of the party. As to this setting, it is the one my real life group has been running on and off since the 5e playtest days, and it has been received pretty warmly all around. I've run a couple games within the setting here over the past couple years, but the last one petered out, so time to start again!

There's not a set number of players I'm looking for, but I'm willing to run multiple games if the right groups appear. You can ask questions either below or in the Q&A thread.

Game Description:

DescriptionOnce, the galaxy was ruled by a vast elven empire called the Elader. These elves saw that the moral character of the empire was rapidly crumbling, and an ambitious member of their temple devised a ritual to allow their gods, the Divines, to walk the galaxy side by side with their followers. The ritual worked, mostly. The Divines did come to the Galactic plane; however, with them came all of the demons and devils. This sparked millennium of wars that only make a drastic change at the end of the last major war when both devils and demons managed to confine all of the Divines on their homeworld, the Elader capital of Godsholme, then landed on the planet and killed everything, destroying the planet. This event, called the Smiting, also caused every major temple of the Divines to be destroyed instantaneously, with their clergy killed or driven mad. Forty standard years have passed, and an old dwarven prophecy predicts another war, greater than all the rest, to be coming soon. Armies are gearing for war, it appears all but inevitable...

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Hmmm, I certainly interested. I have a couple of days off coming up this weekend, so will look at doing my application then.

Hmm, I'll have to get an app up for this!

Seeing as there's suggestions of space travel thus ship travel, would we perhaps need to consider character builds that would help work a ship or would it be far more likely to have NPC crew to handle all that?


Basic Character Sheet:

Physical Description:

Personality: Again, I don't need paragraphs, just a rough idea.
Kal'Norden is a disciplined psychic but is prone to emotional outbursts. After years in hiding and off on his own to train and master his powers, Kal'Norden has problems stopping his outbursts of passion and rage.

Kal'Norden is a human mystic, an awakened mind, from Sanctuary. He finally decided to venture out and see the galaxy, maybe find his place in it, as he was never as welcomed within Sanctuary as other human refugees, his strangeness was just to much for them. Beyond staying out of the hands of The Quu, Kal'Norden seeks a place to belong and protect. He seeks experiences, but if forced to tell the truth he seeks a cause to fight for.

It's fully possible to have NPC crew, or the players doing it.

And jesterjeff, there's a forum for posting applications. This is just the advertisement. Make a thread here for that.

Not sure if it's an issue with your version or with google, but I can't open the detailed campaign setting.

Edit: scratch that, not working for me on firefox but fine on google chrome.


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