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Ragnarok (Marvel Super Heroes)

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Marvel Super Heroes

We had started a Marvel game, but our Judge
no one suspects the butterfly!
fell down a hill. As we wait for him to be on the mend, and get his digital devices back in working order, we are putting the game into gear. Dredhawk has agreed to take it over once he is capable.

Seeking 2-3 committed players for a posting rate of 1 per day at a minimum.

Application process to close when sufficient heroes have been harvested.

Apply within.

Welcome to the future.

Game Description:

All of our plans were for naught.

A holocaust of blood and flame was our birthright once Project Wideawake was launched.

All that remained for our kind was but ashes and the remnants of the agonized screams that tortured the survivors. Edifices of our once mighty civilization crumbled.

In place of our rights were abominations:

  • Mutants and anomalous humans are forbidden to reproduce.
  • Mutants are forbidden to live with or proximal to genetically pure humans.
  • Identification cards must be presented when purchasing all goods.
  • Mutants must eat in restaurants set aside for use specifically by mutants.
  • Mutants are forbidden in public parks, schools and museums.
  • Mutants are forbidden to access public transportation.
  • Mutants may only seek treatment in hospitals or clinics which are set aside for their treatment.
  • All mutant organizations, societies, newsletters, and professional unions are illegal.
  • Baseline humans have no mutant genes, and are permitted to breed.
  • Anomalous humans are not mutants themselves, but possess mutant genetic potential, and are forbidden to breed. They are required to wear clothing with an "A" covering both sides of their torso.
  • Mutants who are forced to live in concentration camps and serve the Sentinels, and are shunned and hated by other humans. Those that resist are exterminated. They are forced to wear clothing with an "M" covering both sides of their torso.

You are an unregistered meta-human in a world that despises you, either having been born in this timeframe, or been transported from the year 2018 when the Avengers fell in the battle for New York. Killer robot Sentinels seek to cut you down as you attempt to eke out an existence in squalor. So many of your fellow meta-humans have beens slaughtered.

Your future is frightening and bleak against impossibly foes mounting overwhelming odds.

This is the world they wanted, those fearful pure humans with hate in their hearts for those that were different than themselves. They released dogs that they could never leash, and those Sentinels now run everything. With cold logic the inhuman robots saw threats that needed to be eliminated and acted accordingly.

Cascades of nuclear fire rained down upon key targets in other countries, leaving North America relatively untouched.

The world needs heroes now more than ever.

Jax Kobayashi / J-NX

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I have an idea. How about.... Ms. Amzing! With the power to create wormholes anywhere she touches!

Looks like an evolved version of Gifted, which should be awesome.

@Xenh sounds like you're talking about a GM that offered to take over a marvel game I'm still hoping gets off the ground.

Originally Posted by Fnord72 View Post
@Xenh sounds like you're talking about a GM that offered to take over a marvel game I'm still hoping gets off the ground.
He is. We're being patient for Dred's return because he broke himself IRL; not exactly something you can hold against a person.

Super cool! Days of Future Past is one of the most popular X-men storylines. Hoping the GM gets well.

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