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Sheets Known Bugs, Issues, Changelog

Sheet Viewer
  • Unsaved changes alert when attempting to navigate away or close the page and there are unsaved changes.
  • Responsive navigation changes for expanding to super widescreen

I've changed the names of all 'Legacy' sheets to remove the 'Legacy' tag. I figure at this point if someone needed to know it was a template from the old system, they'd already know, and most of them have been touched enough to be integrated better with the system and no longer deserve that tag.

Pathfinder [New] has been changed to Pathfinder [Experimental]

I deployed a new release last night, with some new features and bug fixes!
  • Sheets page now has 'Create' button in place of 'New Sheet', allowing creation of a new sheet or a new folder, and making another link to the Library feature.
  • Library now has a 'Trashed' section, where a list of deleted items can be reviewed and restored.
  • Sheet view no longer ever gets cached (and it's been this way long enough that no one should have it cached), allowing me to bust caches for related sheet assets easily, and should mean no one needs to clear their cache when I make an update.
  • Better error messages if saving a sheet doesn't work
  • Better iOS performance
  • Drag & drop text or pasting now triggers the 'changed' state for a field
  • Better, more detailed, errors
  • Navbar has better responsive behavior at large and very small screen sizes, Save button is never collapsed away.

I deployed a new release tonight, didn't get to release everything I wanted, but here's a change list:
  • All sheets have had the html5 input type data validations removed.
  • All new sheets, and legacy D&D3.5 and Pathfinder sheets, have a button in the bottom right corner of textareas to make the editor expand to fill the screen.
  • Textareas should no longer be cut off when printing sheets
  • You can now import an NPC from our NPC Generator into D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder sheets by pasting the generator output into the statblock and using the NPC Gen Import button

Shadowrun 4e
  • Added Metatype, Notoriety, Public Awareness, Lifestyle, Nuyen, Current & Total Karma, Street Cred

Shadowrun 3e
  • removed duplicate class field

  • max ranks is now equal to level, not level + 3
  • fixed update cc

D&D 3.5e
  • spells page reworked for readability & space usage
  • sorting by location no longer clears the column
  • fixed update cc

Mutants & Masterminds
  • powers split into 2 columns to fit them all, 1 additional power slot


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