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Weaver-to-Weaver Matching?

Weaver-to-Weaver Matching?

This is a really dumb question, especially in light of all the other things that are far higher on the priority list right now... Heck, this might even be a question that is "Yes, but not anymore"...

So I direct this more at those that come into Site Discussion to try and help the Blue Ones in their efforts more so than the Blue Ones themselves:

Is there a way for a member to see if they have a past game with another member? Perhaps even an archived one?

Or, if that relies too heavily on the tag of 'player', is there a way to match up if we've posted multiple times in the same thread?*

This alternate method would probably unearth a ton of false positives, but at least the person searching could use logic to find the proper thread in question.

A Google search limited to this site and requiring both names as terms should fit your alternate method. Unless archives aren't searchable. You might be able to better refine it if you plow through a few a different games and can find some terms rarely used in non game threads. That last bit might be a tall order, given the far ranging discussions on this site.

The google search is probably more comprehensive. The game history doesn't seem to show all the games you were ever a part of, just the ones you still are even if archived. If you removed yourself from the game, then it doesn't show in your history.

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