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Fields in sheets shared with me are displaying blank

Fields in sheets shared with me are displaying blank

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Message: So I'm currently GMing a campaign irl, and have had all my players share their character sheets with me, so that I can take their characters' information into account when I sit down to construct each session. We have a session tonight, so I go to pull up their character sheets, only to find that they're all displaying blank.

All of my character sheets, sheets not shared with me, are displaying fine. Another sheet I have shared with me (this one) is also unchanged. Some of the sheets are view-only, and some have allowed me to edit, but that doesn't seem to be making a difference as far as the information wipe goes...they're all blank.

Please help. We have a session in 4 hours. I'm desperately hoping it's just some sort of display issue on my end, but if this has somehow wiped their character sheets, I'll be really, really sad.

Oh, dear. Welp. Guess that teaches us not to be complacent with our character sheets, in the least most of the NPCs survived! Thanks for the help; I can delete this topic now, if that would be best?

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