We appreciate the honesty.

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Message: (I am a part of a small gaming group, there are four of us and we've all known eachother for a long time. We've been using Myth Weavers for a few years now I think, and up to this point no major upsets. Then there was today. I logged on to find the character that was supposed to be introduced tonight blank. This was quite distressing.
There's no doubt that this was a terrible, terrible mistake to make, and that it could have been avoided with more careful handling. However, we should all appreciate the honesty and the efforts to retrieve the data. I am incredibly impressed by both of these things, as are my 3 friends. While a mistake was made, notice how much care was put into our problem.
So don't delete your account, send death threats, or freak out too much about this. Yeah, its bad that it happened, but it did and I feel the honesty deserves praise.)