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Feature request: style toggle

Thanks Rodrigo. When/if you do get around to it again, the ability to delete and sort macros would be really great.

Yes the thumbnail in a fieldset is awesome. It would be great to be able to change the name or delete macros.

If I select an existing a macro from the drop down it should update the name as well as anything else in it.

I'm still using this feature and am wondering if there is currently any way to remove macros as my list is getting a little hard to sort through.

Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post

You can additionally use {sheet_id} (with the curly braces) in a tag option as a placeholder for a character sheet id that's attached to the game you're posting in (it'll fill in only the first one if you have multiple sheets in a game).

The {sheet_id} seems to call incorrect id numbers. Anyone else have this issue?

i've added my sheet to this game.

As you can see, the sheet id is 1103291.

But when I select the macro, the sheet id it calls up is 1305606.

Currently using Chrome on Win10.


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