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Sheets Known Bugs, Issues, Changelog

Sheets Known Bugs, Issues, Changelog


Known Issues/Bugs
  • Text fields wrong size in Firefox (and derivatives) on Windows, due to defining height by number of rows rather than px height. Source
  • Some fields are too narrow to input/view data. Source

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Tie Character Name, Player Name and Campaign to external Myth-Weavers information;
  • Color selectors need supporting text fields.
  • Show full data in tooltip on mouseover Source

DnD 3.5 [Legacy]

Known Issues/Bugs
  • Blank space at the bottom of pages when printing. Source

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Add a Synergy Mod input box for skills;
  • Allow creating additional pages for spell slots;
  • Option to change the Ability Score used for Melee and Ranged attack bonuses;
  • Extra input boxes for AC and Saving Throws for other types of bonuses (and on Skills, Initiative and Attack Bonuses);
  • Add more space to the Class field in the header;
  • Add an animal companion/familiar section.
  • Add a HP Regeneration text input window (suggested place: next to the Damage Reduction input); Source
  • Increase the size of character pictures. Source


Known Issues/Bugs
  • Class skills do not get the +3 bonus for first rank learned;
  • AC calculation does not take worn items into consideration.
  • no statblock generator
  • Max skills should be equal to level, not level + 3

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Add a blank space besides the Saves, Attacks, Skills and Initiative sections to add misc information (ex. "+2 against Fear" on the Will line, "+2 against Dragons" on Attack, etc); Source
  • Add a "Class Recorder" on the header that lets you input basic information (BAB, HP, Saves) and then adds them appropriately on the sheet;
  • Add a worn equipment list by slots (list of Pathfinder slots as follows: Head, Headband, Eyes, Shoulders, Neck, Body, Chest, Belt, Feet, Hands, Wrists, Ring1, Ring2);
  • Make a section for animal companions;
  • Add a Shield input box for AC calculation;
  • Allow text and symbols to be added to the Known/Bonus Spells heading;
  • Add a spellcaster page for Psionics, with a Psionics checkbox just like caster in the header.
  • Modify the Weapons section as explained in this post
  • Allow decimal inputs in carrying capacity and weight sections Source
  • Add a total skill ranks display at the bottom of the skill list. Source
  • Ability to add more weapon boxes. Source

Pathfinder [Legacy]

Known Issues/Bugs
DnD 5e

Known Issues/Bugs

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Change Adventurer's Pack into a dropdown with all the standard packs


Known Issues/Bugs
  • There are two Language sections;

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Make point costs input boxes more intuitive/clearer;
  • Add a point cost input box to Tech Level;
  • Add a space for weapons weight;
  • Track DR separately, as it can be different for each body part;
  • Add an input box for Dodge (Only Dodge-1 through Dodge-4 available at present);
  • Add space for Height, Weight, Age and Size Modifier;
  • Add more lines for Advantages, Disadvantages, Skills, Armour and Possessions.

New World of Darkness

Known Issues/Bugs
  • There are two language sections;

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Add more space for merits;
  • Let the Morality heading be editable;
  • Add one more health line. source

DnD 4e [Legacy]

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Change the "Locations" column on the Feats section to a "Level" column;
  • Add input boxes for Total Power Points and Current Power Points;
  • Start with skill list auto-filled;

DnD 2e [Legacy]

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Add the size of the Range input box for weapons;
  • Add more space for inventory;
  • Add a section of worn items by body slot (Head, eyes, body, torso, arms, belt, shield, gloves, left & right rings, boots, cloak, neck);
  • Add a box for tracking money;


Known Issues/Bugs
  • Language field is redundant as languages are already a part of Skills;

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Add weight and ammunition columns for weapons. Source

Savage Worlds

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Add the sheetdice functionality to Savage World sheets;

Star Wars Saga[Legacy]

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Move the character description section to the top of the sheet; Source
  • Increase the size of the character picture section. Source
  • Increase the size of the input textbox for Base Attack Bonus (especially the fields for Melee Total Attack Bonus and Ranged Total Attack Bonus). Source
  • Make the section for Skills smaller. Source
  • Increase the size of the Weapons and Armour sections (characters usually carry more than 3 weapons and 1 defensive item). Source
  • Add sections for Racial, Armour and Enhancement modifiers to the Saves section and the Defence area, with an additional Lightsaber section for the latter. Source
  • Add a Damage Reduction input textbox next to the Defence section. Source
  • Increase the size of the Hit Dice field. Source
  • Add a field for Temporary HP. Source
  • Add a "XP change" section like there is for DnD. Source

Dark Heresy

User Suggestions/Feature Requests
  • Add more lines for talents/skills. Source

Sheet Viewer Changes - Aug 10 2014
  • Combined JS for up to 60% better page load/rendering times
  • Ctrl+Enter (or CMD+Enter for Mac users) keyboard shortcut to save the sheet
  • Styling for sheet save alerts for [Legacy] sheets matched to other sheets in the Alpha
  • More descriptive save failure alert
  • 'Invalid data' alert to let you know if some fields weren't saved due to invalid data
  • Fixed left side ad overlap issue
  • Fixed left side ad / ad container width issue

These changes will require clearing your cache and reloading.

D&D3.5e [Legacy] Sheet
Character images, skill totals and weight totals now show on sheet load
Skills are automatically filled on first load
Statblock now generates correctly

D&D4e [Legacy] Sheet
Portrait loads when sheet is loaded
Skills are automatically filled on first load
Statblock now generates correctly
Pages are now tall enough to accomodate the content

7th Sea Sheet
Advantage, Background and Reputation sections are no longer linked together

Serenity Sheet
Assets and Complications sections are no longer linked together

Savage Worlds Sheet
Hindrances and Edges sections slots are no longer linked together

Exalted Sheet
Charm slots are no longer linked together
28 Charm slots (was 18)

D&D5e Sheet
Skill proficiency checkboxes now save
Exploration moved to top of page
Languages no longer duplicated
Inspiration changed to checkbox

Sheet Viewer Changes
  • Placeholder text color is darker
  • Changed/Unsaved color lighter

Last Page Changes (all except [Legacy] sheet templates)
  • Extra text fields have placeholder titles
  • Text fields have correct height on windows + firefox (and derivatives)
  • Age/height/weight text fields
  • Hair/eyes/skin color fields
  • Private notes
  • Character portrait spot (not necessarily the final placement)

Getting these changes will require clearing your cache.

All Sheet Templates
  • Assets for all sheets are now compiled, which should mean much quicker initial loading times, especially for [Legacy] sheets with a lot of autocalc (anything d20 related).
  • Caching: Those same assets should now be getting cached, meaning less bandwidth and again, quicker loading times.
  • Cache busting: I've implemented a system to help me bust caches so users don't need to rely on hard refreshing or clearing their caches on their own

Pathfinder Sheets
  • Skills checked as proficient get the +3 bonus if a rank is applied
  • Skills auto-fill when the sheet is first loaded
  • Skill rank totals are counted at the bottom
  • Equipment weight handles decimals
  • Load Amounts have 'lbs' label to make it clearer that you only put a number in that box
  • Spells Known, Spells / Day, Save DC row labels more clear
  • Attack, AC, size bonuses affected by size drop down

Sheets System
  • Clone Sheets: Go to 'New Sheet' and you can select a sheet to clone from any you have access to edit.

Sheets System
  • GM Screen now shows username:sheetname links (no quicksheets, though)
  • Database modifications that should yield speed improvements
  • Modifications to roles/ownership system that should yield speed improvements

Pathfinder [Legacy]
  • Added legacy pathfinder sheet
  • Added pathfinder to sheet transfer

Legacy sheets
  • Added Private Notes

D&D 4e [Legacy]
  • Statblock generation now works when powers are filled in

Star Wars Saga [Legacy]
  • Statblock generation now works
  • Skills are filled in on first load

All Sheets
  • Sheet viewer updated to support new features in Pathfinder alpha

  • Autocalc completely rewritten to optimize for speed.

These represent some pretty huge changes. If you're running into problems please clear your cache, try again, and if it's still not fixed, please report it.


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