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Sheets Known Bugs, Issues, Changelog

All sheets
  • Sheet viewer updated to support new features in Pathfinder alpha
  • Skill fill now fills in 'Acrobatics'
  • If you remove a temp score, the regular score is now used to repopulate the modifiers

Pathfinder [Legacy]
  • Autocalc completely rewritten to match new system and optimize for speed
This change is pretty substantial and may require you to clear your browser's cache.

All Sheets
  • 'Sheet Not Saved' error no longer so overzealous. There is now a separate message if the sheet doesn't think there was anything to save.

All Sheets
  • Sheet viewer updates for handling padded numbered fields (01 as opposed to 1)

Pathfinder [Legacy]
  • DexMod correctly propagates to ACDex (there was an issue with ArmorWorn and ArmorDex)
  • Skill Ranks get totaled correctly
  • Character pic should display on sheet load
  • New sheets will have skills auto-filled

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e [Legacy]
  • Autocalc completely rewritten to match new system and optimize for speed

Once again, we've got a big round of changes, that may require clearing your cache as a first step if you aren't seeing the fixes or are getting other weird behaviors.

All Sheets
  • Fixed bug introduced with last update
  • Sheets with 'Caster' checkbox for toggling the page should now show it correctly when loading

All Sheets
  • Added 'Options' button for easy access to change sheet name, privacy, etc
  • Added 'Share' button for easy access to change user permissions
  • Swapped 'Vitruvian Man' left/right, as it was previously mirrored
  • Background changes in loading to ensure proper order of steps
  • Support for data migrations (field name changes)

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e [Legacy]
  • Support for '/' delimited attack bonuses
  • Max Ranks and Max CC Ranks calculate properly
  • Weight and skill points total correctly
  • Fixed field name bug for equipment location. Please let me know if data is lost, here

  • Dex and Size now properly propagate even if there is no base attack bonus
  • CMD and FCMD now add in Str and ACMisc modifiers

World of Darkness [New]
  • Saving 0 ranks fixed

As there are some big changes to the sheets viewer, and all sheets are affected, you may get some weird behavior until you clear your cache. Please do so!

Sheets List
  • Minor organizational help added: Filter sheets by game or by template type
  • Game name is now properly listed for sheets in a game
  • Options and Sheet Permissions buttons removed (they're now usable from the Sheet view)
  • Sheet deletion taken away (sorry!)

Sheet Viewer
  • Changes to how js dependencies are loaded.
  • Table sorting now properly clears out table data. Fixes bug where duplicates were created.
Please clear your cache if sheets hang or don't load

  • Deletion returns!
  • Soft deletion - If you delete a sheet, you are returned to the sheets list with a chance to undo your action
  • Folders - Sheets have become part of your Library, and can now be put in folders!


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