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Sheets Known Bugs, Issues, Changelog

Sheets Beta
We're now in a short beta! Barring any catastrophes, we'll be ready to start the transition to the new sheets system on March 15, when sheet creation in the old system will be turned off.

All Sheets
  • Cache busting fixed - You may need to clear your cache to get this fix, but hereafter the system is a bit better about knowing when it needs updated assets
  • 'Report a Problem' button added, leads to new thread form in Site Discussion

Pathfinder [Legacy]
  • Character Portrait setting fixed

Pathfinder [Legacy]
  • Fixed skill sorting issues

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e [Legacy]
  • Fixed skill sorting issues

Dungeons & Dragons 4e [Legacy]
  • Fixed statblock sheet url problem
  • Power descriptions no longer 'undefined' in statblock

Non-Legacy Sheets
  • Added Gender field
  • Reflowed the top of the last page

Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
  • Fixed issue where clearing xp change would clear xp

Star Wars Saga [Legacy]
  • Rewrote autocalc
  • Updated sheet styles to match those used by non-legacy sheets

Shadowrun 4e
  • Fixed duplicate commlink field names

Pathfinder [New]
  • CMB and CMD use 'Special Size Modifier', MAB and RAB use 'Size Modifier' (non-special).
  • Tiny and smaller characters use Dex for CMB, rather than Str.

All Sheets
  • iOS speed problem should be resolved (refs this thread)

All Non [Legacy] Sheets
  • It's a little ham-fisted, but the navbar menu collapses on mobile or when horizontal scrollbars would otherwise appear.

All [Legacy] Sheets
  • Navbar menu buttons shift to the left so they don't get pulled off-screen at smaller resolutions

All Legacy Sheets
  • Now using the same viewer styling as the rest of the sheets
This is a pretty major change, you may need to clear your cache to get the effect. Please let me know if it causes any issues!

Pathfinder [Legacy]
  • Reshuffling of sections to better match page size constrictions. The spells page now needs a little bit of love, and I may make it optional as on other sheets

Stars Without Number
  • Character and Ship sheets added. They're ugly but functional.


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