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Feature request: style toggle

I can see the macro box in iOS (Safari) and Android (Chrome) but it doesn't do anything in either. It works normally on PC (Firefox, Windows 10). Does this use a feature that isn't present on mobile operating systems?

iPad mini (Safari or Chrome) doesn't seem to work. The box is blank and when I tap the box, it's unresponsive. It didn't work with my Galaxy Tab4 (Chrome) at home. It does work on my android phone using Chrome. When I access it on my phone, I can see the word 'Macro' in the white box, while the other two devices the box is blank.

I cleared cache and cookies and closed the browser but the issue persists. Sorry to be the problem child. I'll check the Galaxy again when I get home.

Okay, fixed my galaxy with an update/clear cache/reboot. I expect the iPad has a similar issue but it's a company device so there is less that I can do with it. Thank you

@parody : You can now use the variable '{sheet_id}' (with the curly braces) to specify that you'd like it to fill in the sheet id. Note that this won't really work well if you have more than one sheet in a game, it'll just pick one.

Yeah, I just had buggy devices. And I'm looking to see just how complex a macro I can setup. I'm looking to see what it can do.

Originally Posted by Penchant
And I'm looking to see just how complex a macro I can setup. I'm looking to see what it can do.
And this is exactly why it's CS member only right now, haha. If you break something, at least it's for a limited subset of people

Okay, so you can't put anything into the 'Output' box directly. It gets confused if you do anything with it.
You can't change a macro's name by editing the name box and saving (it creates a new macro).
Fieldset does work even with an IMG tag in the option space so that's going to be very useful. Yeah, this does exactly what I was hoping for.


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