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Feature request: style toggle

Is it IE or Edge? (The latter is what comes with Windows 10.)

Curiously, the buttons don't work on my work computer either, which uses an older version of IE. This is a very recent development as I've been using them since my first joining the site.

All I believe. For instance I can pull up a post to edit it but upon making a change the 'Save' button is unresponsive. Additionally font & color are unavailable in addition to Image, Quote, etc.

I can't imagine how, but it's possible my changes to add the macros dropdown negatively affected IE in some way.

I'm running IE Mobile on my Windows Phone 8.1, and all morning I've been having problems with editing posts. I can post from my phone; but when I try to edit, none of the "Save" or "Go Advanced" buttons do anything. The text box is a funny size now, too: It's shorter and doesn't extend all the way to the right. I tried clearing my cache and logging in again, but the problem persists. I'm posting in this thread because of the likelihood that it's related.

Hopefully the problem will be resolved when AT&T gets off its ass and approves the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for my phone, which will come with a better browser.

EDIT: This post is being made from the MS Edge browser on my tablet. There's no problem saving my changes when I edit.

none of the "Save" or "Go Advanced" buttons do anything

Same for me. Would have quoted the above but that and the other buttons are not functional either. : )

Anyway, thanks for looking into it!

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