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(D&D 3.5) Sort Spells Truncates List

(D&D 3.5) Sort Spells Truncates List

When I click the spells/power header to sort the spells, it truncates the list; those below a certain point or on the right-hand side disappear completely when the others are sorted.

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Example sheet (private)

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Is it worth me bumping this? I don't know what the sort is actually doing but IIRC the spells section used to be smaller, so it might be something as simple as some kind of incorrect bound on the output size or something, but I have no actual idea.

Ah. Stuff from below a certain point is getting wiped even when there's not that much stuff altogether, so my guess would be it's only looking at the top X then sorting them into a newly-cleared list? This would result in everything above getting sorted correctly, but everything below being lost.

It should be fixed now, you'll need to go directly to the sheet (https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=135856). I'm not sure where that link came from, it has a timestamp attached to it from the previous revision of that sheet template that will prevent the newer js from getting cached.

OK, awesome!

Yeah, I must have copied it from a post from way back when. Shame it didn't preserve all the pre-sheetstorm sheet data too.

Anyway, thanks.

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