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Sheet Upload/Reupload

Sheet Upload/Reupload

I downloaded All of m sheets for safe keeping due to what happened that caused the loss of so many. this is all well and good things happen but the issue is I don't know how to re-upload them. I have looked all over the forums for an answer and cant seem to find it. Now.. I realize i might be missing something EXTREMELY obvious but whatever it is I can't seem to find the option, button, or whatever, to put my sheet back in. So any advice on how to re-upload would be much appreciated. I have never used the function before so please help this hapless nub..

Damn Well I guess at least I have them if I need them but they are useless to me in the format they are downloaded in so I suppose till there is a means to re upload I will wither print or screenshot to save them. probably should have done that from the beginning but I lack easy access to a printer.

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