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Moving threads

Moving threads

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Message: I can't seem to get some moved threads off of the main game threadgroup. I have moved the threads into another threadgroup called Old Stuff, but they still show up on the main threadgroup and in the IC thread. I try to move it from the IC thread and it says "No valid threads."

OK, multiple things going on here.

(1) You have thread 376424 (Goblin Whelp Cages Pre-game area) configured to show up in both Old Stuff and OoC.

(2) You have thread 377110 (We Gonna Be Goblins!) configured to show up in both Old Stuff and IC.

(3) You have the IC and OoC threadgroups configured to display in Main. I think this is intentional and you want to leave it.

(4) Since threadgroups are filters, not folders, you can add a thread to multiple threadgroups from Main; this appears to be what you have done. You cannot Remove from Folder at the Main level, because, well, all the threads are really there anyway, they're just filtered out--you have to go into the threadgroups you want the threads removed from, and take the action there.

So, in summary, here are the steps to make it like you want.

1. Go to the IC threadgroup and remove 377110.
2. Go to the OoC threadgroup and remove 376424.

Thank you!!

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