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Finding a game for a blind friend

Finding a game for a blind friend

I am a part-time volunteer at a school for the blind, mostly editing shows produced by/for their online radio station. One of the shows is hosted by a student with a growing interest in tabletop RPGs, but is having difficulties finding a group to play with. He cannot easily go off-site for IRL games and, as of the last I heard, he has had little luck with the Discord he usually hangs out in, he has encountered a lot of games that failed to start. It seems that his only real reference for tabletop RPGs is Pokemon Tabletop Unlimited, though I'm pretty sure he could adapt to another system with minimal difficulty.
Unfortunately, I do not know what kind of assistive technology he uses, but any assistance in helping find him a group to play with, be it here on the Weave, another PbP format, or an IRC/VOIP client would be greatly appreciated.

There have been Weavers that utilize assistive technology for sight impairments. My understanding is that the common one used is a screen-reader. However, if someone is able to use a computer, they should be able to use MW.

My first thought was that is would be a very simple task; your friend probably couldn't play 4th Edition D&D, but he'd be fine with something more narrative like Dungeon World. Then the other, associated problems started rolling through my head.

Of course he would need some kind of set of braille dice or a dice rolling app that can read out the result. The bigger problem I run into is that I can't think of a single RPG with a braille edition. He would have to use some kind of program that reads out the lines of the PDF and hope that he gets a decent PDF of the RPG in question.

Why would dice be (any more of) a problem? He's going to need to be able to read the rules, and read posts made. However dice cause any particular issues. I guess it depends on how he does that - I've never tried text-to-speech on a piece of a D&D splatbook, for example. Some pdfs are text and some are just images (maybe those are only the scanned-in pirated ones, when it comes to rpgs...) and I suspect he'd not be able to read those. Tables and stuff might also cause issues. Probably, he knows better himself what he can and can't deal with (I do know a blind guy, but I don't know what kit he uses). You'd have thought, though, that the text-based nature of PbP would make it relatively accessible.

Games failing to start is unfortunately not a unique problem, as it plagues most of us in the PbP world.

M&M3 requires very little table work and very few dice rolls per combat turn. The PDFs for the system - the legit ones - are all done officially so they would read off really well. I can't think of a system more adaptive and less rulesy.

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