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Share Your Dreams!

Quentin Tarantino was a mafioso in your dream, and you STILL only gave it a 3/10?

Mate I hate to tell you this but that's a solid 10/10 dream. You can't degrade a dream's rating because of incoherency. Dreams are like that by default. At least all of mine are...

I dreamt last night that I was making an omelette. I was cracking eggs into the frying pan, but everything but eggs came out of the eggshells. There was stuff like butter, salt, dye in various colors, everything but egg white/yolk. Then my friends dog yelled at me in a weird human voice and berated me for not being able to make an omelette.

I dreamed I was playing with my pet cat (which was weird because I don't have one and never have) and then I got upset because it had been weeks since I fed or watered it. Cat seemed fine however.

The first dream I remember (I think I had it shortly after my first memory) is about a tiger walking through an ancient forest full of moss hunted by two men wearing that sort of semi-sterotypical safari hunting outfit with large wide-brimmed hats shadowing their eyes, before it (somehow) ended up in my mother's room where it met a white tigress. Then it was back in the forest and it revealed itself to actually be a dragon. Soon after it was shot and killed by the hunters and thrown on a pile of dead dragons bodies, and I was sad because I knew that now the dragons were all extinct.

Other dream imagery I remember well are:
  • Paddling through jungle river made out of milk, with humongous grocery store stuff lining the river like watchful statues.
  • A recurring sharp bend in a fictional road.
  • Ballerinas practicing in a mall store (I could see them through the glass) while rinsing their mouths repeatedly.
  • A hotel in a paleontology museum. You would walk on the pterodatyl statues to get to the hanging rooms. They were little modules.
  • A circular library with a tree in a recessed center (curving stone benches surrounding that center) and a glass ceiling. If you opened the secret entrance in the tree and started walking down the spiral staircases, you would find concrete with harsh military-looking numbers labeling the floors and bookcases everywhere there wasn't a number.
  • A titanic dam keeping water from flooding a city right next to it built on an almost 45 degree slope in orderly rows of houses separated only by the river. I dreamt it was Bridgeport (that Sims 3 city, which it looks nothing like and I've never even played) and one of the richer families near the top of the hill were elves.

I had two dreams, the first one about a guy who had a pile of clothes neatly folded, and was going to abandon them and go for a new set of clothes. He currently had a singlet on and either shorts or trousers, and was decently built.

The second dream was set outdoors. There was an old grizzled guy, and a guy in a T rex suit, who roared. There was a small short young male who ran around after the roar. The guy in the T Rex suit wanted to talk with him, but without the grizzled guy knowing, hence the T Rex suit. It was linked to a sound system, which let him emulate the roaring better, but he was running tests, so the old guy overheard the testing part and so knew that it was not a proper T Rex, not that T Rex guy knew this.

I experience different phenomena in my dreams.
  • I can drive a car, but I cannot get it to stop once it's moving. I can step on the brakes as hard as I want, but the car keeps rolling forward (or backwards, depending upon initial direction). I can put the car in park, and it keeps moving. I've had dreams where I aim for other vehicles or a house and the car will bounce off and keep moving.
  • I've had dreams where I cannot turn lights on. I'll flip switches and plug in lamps or even attempt to use the flashlight feature of my phone, but no light. The house or whatever building I'm in stays dark.
  • I frequently have dreams where telephone calls either won't connect OR the person on the other end of the phone isn't speaking. Or they are speaking but I can't hear them. Phone calls in my dreams are just odd, and I've somehow trained myself to avoid picking up the phone in my dreams because it's an exercise in futility to get a phone conversation to take place.
  • In addition to the above thing about phones, when I do use the phone in my dreams, I forget the number of the person I'm dialing.

Those are the most common occurrences inside my dreams. Unfortunately, I'm also in that lovely 5% of the population that gets to regularly experience Sleep Paralysis. And by "regularly experience", I mean at least once a month. You'd think by now that I would have figured out how to deal with this, but I haven't. The worst part of it is that I always know when it's coming. I'll be dreaming about something rather normal, but then the whole room I'm in goes dark and I turn to face my bed. I get into bed and lie down to go to sleep, but then I'm stuck there, unable to move, my mind filling with fear and my lungs struggling to fill with breath. It generally lasts for a minute or so, at which point I violently shake awake (and freak out my wife and cats).

I've gotten sleep paralysis a couple of times, but remember only one instance: I couldn't move any part of my body, only feeling how my lungs grow and shrink. I, of course, started panicking and tried to open my eyes countless times, trying to shake up my stiff limbs somehow. Eventually, I have won against the sleep paralysis, then went to toilet.

A horrifying and unforgettable experience.

My wife had to start giving me Melatonin otherwise I would do the same thing and sometimes end up smacking her in the face. IF calmed me down enough to get a better sleep and her not to be assaulted by my dreaming state.

Originally Posted by Butchern View Post
I dream like crazy and toss and turn most nights.

Most of my dreams are your garden variety anxiety dreams, but I regularly have a dream where I've lost my sisters or they are in trouble and I can't help them. Usually we're in my old ER and one of them is hurt and I'm trying to find what room she's in and can't find her. Stuff like that.

Okay, finally got a dream that I can remember.

I wake up (in the dream), go straight into the kitchen without dressing myself up, and find a decapitated head of a long-haired, brunette woman. I talk to her about something, then the head starts to shrink and decay, until only a skull remains... With the hair still being attached to the skull, somehow.


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