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Disclaimer. That's not actually the list I used. (Can't get to that deck now.) But I think it's better - would do better. I think Arcanosour is great if have more elementals as I prefer. Great vs odd paladin and zoo warlock of any swarm deck. I had Jan'alai and Pyros in what I ran. But I think the above would work better. I LOVE both those legendaries. But J is just way better in odd mage. I had a few games I had her in hand and had to wait for like 10 cards left in deck to use. I lost to an odd mage - though that was just didn't get my DK Jaina till like 6 cards left and they got theirs way sooner. Beat another odd mage. I got DK Jaina first, but they did not long after. But I was not drawing on purpose. And got way ahead into fatigue. The above can not draw more easily. Don't play Ravens or Piper till no spells or no minions left if need be - not need spells / minions. Don't play Bonfires if played an ele turn before. If know / think game likely to go to double fatigue. While odd - they play Acolyte of Pain and drawing / spell dmg cat, etc. I think odd is more fun to play. I just don't want to not have Geists and Poly for Taunt Druid. (Didn't face any.)

Beat some aggro. Lost first match to a newbie looking swarmy priest budget. Didn't draw any spells other than poly for long time. Ha ha - good times maybe helped to lose first. felt bad beating newbie mage 2nd game. but would have felt worse if only won like 2 or 3 and didn't concede vs newbie. would have if was in Casual for sure. Lost last to Shudderwok. gracious hate that. knowing will lose as soon as Acolyte of Pain or Sauranite Chain Gang or Foresight gets played. Blah. Oh well, made em play it out 'till bitter end since was at 2 losses and 9 wins. Literally oppoenent disconnect my only chance. Not gonna dwell on that. By far my best "arena" ever. (well 7 wins is still my best arena run - this it seems didn't count to that. oh well.)

really glad they did this as Casual constructed arena like brawliseum before meta really figured out / stable. enjoyed it. good luck to all

The only deck I've made (not courting Whizbang) is Kingsbane rogue, which seems pretty decent. The only cards from the new set I slotted in were Raiding Party (instead of sprints) and Walk the Plank (instead of Vilespine, not sure this is better right now but seems okay).. Raiding party seems really good in kingsbane.. Pirates buff weapons and you draw kingsbane with it. Turn 1 prep + raiding party is really good.

I saw your 9-3 record pop up when I was messing around at lunch, congrats! That's really awesome, best I've ever done was 6 wins, I think.

I don't usually make it that far on these brawls, but I managed to pull out 6 wins with a rush-based tempo warrior build. It's the first deck that I've crafted myself and I've been satisfied with it so far. I'm excited to see how the meta changes with all of the Loa and new cards that seem very impactful.

6 wins is great and I like rush warrior, well done G. And thanks AG and same for your 6.

Ya, Kingsbane is sweet and raiding party makes a ton of sense. I think you're right that walk the plank being cheaper and not needing combo probably makes it stronger than vilespine for a kingsbane focused deck. And perhaps some, but not all other rogue decks.

anyone else notice their rumble golden animations don't move? I have golden hatchets, blast wave, shark fin fan, etc. No movement at all. Gets really obvious when compared to other ones from prior sets. I figure it's to help prevent bandwidth problems in first week or so as people open new packs and look at new goldens and such. I've searched Playhearthstone.com forums but no mention. And just googled, but no luck. I'm all good with bandwidth smoothing measures. Seems smart if intentional for a while. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed. And / or seen a mention.

Been struggling to find a solid deck in this meta. Currently betting on Spell Hunter, minus Rhok'delar. Might mix some totems in there to get the most out of my wolves.

Spell Hunter is strong. That spell that brings back minions that died that turn. Seems strong. For 2. Though requires trades. Maybe a 1 of. DK Rexxar wins some games that go long if you have. Rhok'delar is a good reload. But less core to it than the spellstones.

Yes. Good point. In that deck. Getting lot of Animal companion and To My Side (Call of the Wild in Wild). Would be good. I lost to it. Even the Kill Commands took out my minions, not his.

Side note. Got my pack from picking a Loa. Team Dragonhawks! (Even if not playing any in my current Mage.)

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