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Genesis MUD

Genesis MUD

So, as a thirty-five year old guy, I've been around gaming a while now. And one of the first RPGs I ever remember playing on a computer was a MUD. It didn't take me long to find Genesis. So imagine my surprise when, while flipping through some RPG article about the longest-running games ever on my Flipboard app the other day, I ran into good ol' Genesis again. And it's still going! I can't believe that that sucker is still chugging along.

Unlike the old days, I didn't need a floppy disk and a DOS screen; I just needed to go to the website, click on "play" and voila! It was like a time machine. As a community of general geekery like yourselves can imagine, I've been playing it nonstop ever since. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy typing "n" to move north

That's the one, Pope! Click "play now" and you're off

So... I still play a MUD. I've been on it for 13 or so years now. My character is sort of a traveling newbie equipment specialist at this point, so if you want to link in to a good community, let me know. I'm on Aetolia (It's an Iron Realms Entertainment game known for is RP and in depth, dynamic PvP options).

Good to know, Chase!

Oh, and glad you like it, Silent!

I might give it a shot at some point. I used to play the Lands of Light and Darkness (LLD), but after the GMs' house burned down along with the PC used as the server, they had to put RL ahead of rebuilding the game.

I had good times sailing between continents, slinging lightning bolts, and letting my man-eating, werewolf-hide backpack gobble up disbelieving newbies.

I just discovered this game a few weeks ago and loved it! A bit to much in fact, I had to make myself stop as it was starting to pull me away from other things that would eventually be a problem. That's actually what lead me to this, I was looking for something with an old-school gaming feel that would not require as much of my time.

I do plan on returning to it someday though, it was far to fun to forget about.


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