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Halloween Horror Recommendations

Halloween Horror Recommendations

I love to load up on horror every Halloween. Looking for recommendations to get my spooky on this week. What are your favorite horror books/games/movies etc?

I'll start with mine -

Book: Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill
Game: Outlast
TV: The Haunting of Hill House
Movie: It Follows

TV: The Haunting of Hill House
9 episodes down, one to go. Frightening, a truly great ghost story. And oh so sad. Man, it's a wonderful piece of television.

The Evil Within 1 and 2 is always good for a horror like feeling.
Resident evil games can be scary to.
Movie wise I always love the slasher movies so Friday 13th is a good franchise.

Unnamable and Unnamable 2 (sadly, the first is only available on VHS, but you don't have to watch the first to enjoy the second)
and of course, Donnie Darko

Verde Station is 99 cents on Steam and it's an amazing bit of horror. Take a couple hours and scare yourself.

Sadly I heard the Slender man movie was trash. I do have to say though Netflix has a tv series called 'Haunted' where its about real people recounting paranormal experiences it kind of spooky.

Recommendation #1: Go down the rabbit hole of the Soul Calibur 6 Character Creator.

Those Kirbys are the stuff of Nightmares... o_o

Thanks for the recommendations!

@SmokeyGB Amazing television. I agree, its so so so sad. Especially Nellie and Luke's stories.

@Duckerby Absolutely horrifying. Link removed due to potentially offensive content. Google if interested: The Weirdest Soulcalibur VI Character Creations

You should probably delete that link, due to the... content... of the last one they show...


Is it just me, or does adding a gigantic male member not actually make Voldo much weirder than he already was?


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