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Halloween Horror Recommendations

Media that focuses on Halloween:

Book The Thief of Always by Clive Barker is technically a YA novel. Barker's YA novel is still very suitable and fun for adult readers. Halloween plays a strong role.

Movies Again, Halloween themed. The original "Night of the Demons." "Trick or Treat" with the Gene Simmons Cameo. "Trick 'r Treat" (2007). A low budget "so bad it's almost good" movie named "Rockula" is free to stream on Vudu -- with Bo Diddly, Toni Basil, and Thomas Dolby in the cast. Watch for those R ratings. "Halloween 3," if only to hear what amounts to the most prominent Halloween carol known to man.

Music "Oculus Infernum" by Van Helsing's Curse. Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) spoke of accompanying his wife to the Trans Siberian Orchestra for their Christmas performance. He was then inspired to create the Halloween version of the same theme. He put together a 6 piece choir, 6 piece string section, and 6 piece metal band to create a really good concept album.

Originally Posted by DerpyArcanine View Post
Netflix did just get the chilling adventures of Sabrina the teenage witch and its actually really good I recommend that.
If you can get past the "Witches are in league with Satan" and other massive inaccuracies and (deleted because "Worldly talk") I found the show frustrating because it had a lot of potential, and it was "almost good".

Originally Posted by WhisperMagellan View Post
If you can get past the "Witches are in league with Satan" and other massive inaccuracies
I wouldn't exactly expect from a "Sabrina the teenage witch" show a really... "accurate" depiction of witches, whatever you may have in mind with that.

Association with Satan, on the other hand, was historically a big thing on accusations against witches anyway, so it doesn't exactly come from nowhere. Plus the first episodes (I only saw the first half of the serie so far) rather gave me the impression that the showrunners were using satanism as a tool to criticize, generally speaking, ultra-religious education and such.

I wouldn't call the show a masterpiece by any mean, but I found it quite good and enthralling as far as I'm concerned. The main reproach I'd do would be the massive overuse of blurring for no reason I can comprehend ó I'm apparently far from being the only one puzzled by that.

As for The Haunting of Hill House, I didn't start to see the TV show yet, but I like the original novel a lot, and I'm a fan of Shirley Jackson's writings in general. If somehow you didn't read it yet, I would highly recommand We Have Always Lived in the Castle, a bizarre and haunting book about the birth of a "tall tale", told from the point of view of a somehow childish and quite deranged narrator...

@Etrigan I am only on episode 3 but I am enjoying it so far. I noticed the blurring too. I thought it was kind of fun at first, it added to the spooky aura, but it just hurts my eyes now. I have actually heard of We Have Always Lived in the Castle before, and forgot about it. It sounds awesome.

"Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" is not "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." They may be based on/inspired by the same comic, but not the same.
It is one thing for witches to be accused of being satanists, but another to depict them that way. Rather like the satanic panic of D&D back in the 70s/80s. So no, the historical bit doesn't work.
Sorry, but that show just failed my willing ability to suspend disbelief.

But on another note: I did have a real chilling experience tonight.
Because several families with children have move to the block, I bought a $10 bag of candy at the store. Seems that trick-or-treating just isn't done anymore, because no sign of even a flashlight on the street. So I tried a couple of the candy bars in the sack. And almost wretched. Tasted like the chocolate was at least 5 years old. That can't be right, can it? So I tried the second. Pretty horrid. I normally like reeses' but whatever happened to this sack put me off them for life. Blech!


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