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Halloween Horror Recommendations

Weird. I've never had a Reeses last anywhere nearly long enough to go bad. I have learned, the hard way, that any candy with nuts will definitely go bad well before you'll notice any problems with the chocolate.

@WhisperMagellan that sounds awful. I ate about five of my kids' Reeses for breakfast and they were delicious.That sucks that you got a rotten bag. They must have been really old.

I took my six year old trick or treating and the streets were packed. We live near an elementary school so tons of families in the area, so that probably contributed to the amount of kids out.

I really enjoyed the chilling adventures of Sabrina.
The whole Satanism spin they did with it was refreshing and interesting seeing that most tv shows that have witch craft in it usually focuses on the witches being the supreme good or heavily connected to nature.
I loved the music choices for the show and I honestly cant wait for a season 2.

Originally Posted by DerpyArcanine View Post
The whole Satanism spin they did with it was refreshing and interesting
I totally agree. The Feast of Feasts episode was my fav.

That ending was so screwed up and I was kind of let down because the witch who well you know I seen her actress in other stuff and I was hoping she be sticking around lol.

I agree though I feel like Satanism in the show is in it but just because the witches powers come from darkness and evil doesn't mean most of the witches are.

Aunt Hilde deserves everything in the world she's so lovely.


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