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Am I cursed?

Am I cursed?

So far I've been approved for 6 games on this site. Four have died before the adventure really got started, the fifth (Kingmaker) died within weeks, then was resurrected, only to die it's final death before any more game posts could be made. Only surviving game is the Arena one.

Am I cursed here, or is this normal around here? I am also part of another group ( which does not have the same number of players, games or nice features, but at least the campaigns there lasts for more than a few months.

So far (except for all the nice extras you guys have here and the size of the community) the only really big difference between the two sites is the average posting requirements. On the other site most games asks for a major post once a week, where here it is three to five times minimum per week. This is one of the reasons I came here, as the once-a-week rate is a bit slow. However, I now wonder if the increased posting rate requirement might not be the reason so many games fail? The DM is all "vuur en flam" (as we say in Afrikaans - litterally translates to "fire and flames" and means full of energy and drive) when he starts, but as soon as the game starts and he realizes the amount of work he needs to do to keep up with the post rate, his fire dies down, and his game with it.

Or, again, am I just cursed here?

It's not you. The attrition rate here can be very high. Most games die for one reason or another within the first few weeks. However, those that survive that starting period tend to last a while.

The trick, I've been told, is to carefully vet players. Either by inviting those who you trust from previous games, or carefully inspecting their posting history. And even then, that's far from fool proof, as real life likes to take a dump on people, forcing them to disappear from the internet for a few days or even weeks.

I've also been told that using things like discord can help keep people posting, since it's easy to remind them. This one is difficult for me to use since I tend to post while at work, and chat programs are very much frowned upon (and it may be easier to figure out that I'm slacking off lol).

Hang in there - you'll find a game that sticks it out.

It's normal for any RPG site not just here. Anyway I play my first game not too long ago and it's just died. I play 11 games on other RPG site (Giant In The Playground Forum) and 9 games just died. So don't be discouraged if the game just died out. It's very harder to play an RPG online.

Yamazaki laid it out beautifully. It's something that is enough of an issue at times that we devoted a podcast episode to discussing it, as well as ways to mitigate the chances of it happening.

Originally Posted by Colin View Post
Yamazaki laid it out beautifully. It's something that is enough of an issue at times that we devoted a podcast episode to discussing it, as well as ways to mitigate the chances of it happening.
I second this. yamazaki did a wonderful job. However I want to add 2 things onto that, if you'll permit me. As someone who has quit the site for periods of time over and over again in the 10 or so years I've been on here. I seem to see a lot of games die sadly. Even had to quit a few of my own when the passion left me. Anyways my 2 points!

Seasonal Sometimes: MW is seasonal in it's activities for various reasons. Not every game is true in this regard, but a lot are. This place tends to be more active in the winter and fall and less so in the spring and summer. Just think more people spend time indoors in fall and winter, working on their computers, gaming, etc.

Backup Plane: Like with most things, you always need a good backup plan. When I invite people for games I like to get a solid 4-5 players with 1-3 players kept in reserve in case their needed and to call upon. There is no real good or bad plan for getting games to keep going or finding the time to put in 4 x the work to get a good post going. Then waiting 1 week for the players to post and working along with each other, as well as the gm to keep the game going.

This is not only good for GM's but players. You work hard on a character and apply with him or her. Then you don't get in. Well that sucks. Or maybe you get in but the game dies within a month. So that's rough. Well save the character Maverick and use him/her in a later game if the gm doesn't mind. What I tend to do with a lot of characters I don't get to use in games.

As to you being cursed my friend? Not likely. I don't know a lot about curses however, so could be wrong. But this is a great community with a lot of loving games. It's also a really use to use community on the internet. The internet doesn't come with rules or instruction guides. So we're left with a lot of terror, trolls, memes and terrible youtubers. Amid all that are sometimes people who simply come on here and want to jump right into a game, without understanding what is going on on the site. And then when the game gets going, they either can't make the commitment or get overwhelmed and bale. It happens sometimes. Stick to it and make some friends. Once you get that good gaming going on here Maverick. You'll be hooked and never leave.

I should know. I always come back.

I actually run 3 different games on the other board (Curse of the Crimson Throne, Rise of the Runelords, as well as Pool of Radiance which I converted to Pathfinder). I also play in 11 others (10 Pathfinder, 1 Deadlands). So I do know the frustrations of Play by Post.

All of these games are on a post-by-week schedule, and I was looking for a game to play in that had a faster post rate. I think I should just keep on looking, and one of these days I'll get lucky!

Hey do you have discord? I need a newb to help test a new pathfinder game idea I'm throwing around. If you have discord go to the mythweavers discord and talk to Cyber_Goddess. The reason I want you on discord is that this game, although kingdom building based is heavy on the homebrew. So I want to be able to talk quickly in real-time.

If you don't have discord, I might also be willing to throw you a slot in The Architect game. I recently had two simulations die, so I could maybe use a new player.


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