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Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

Anime of all years. Manga is also a great read as well as it's spin offs. Anyone else watching this?

It sure is nice having a real fantasy anime with rpg elements as opposed to another paint by the numbers isekia being shat upon us. Speaking of fantasy Radiant isn't too shabby in its own right. We need more anime based on non-japanese manga.

It's kind of... eh. A lot of people hate it because it's overly graphic/gratuitous in its depiction of rape, a lot of people love it because it isn't afraid to pull any punches, and I feel like the conversation about whether that's a good or a bad thing goes nowhere. Personally I just find the characterization to be extremely trite. A good show, imo, is one where the characters have complexity in their personality, their motivations, and their quirks. Goblin Slayer's main cast feels flat and trope-y, but if you're looking for a show with shock value and realistically-animated violence, it's not bad. The stabs and slashes feel really chunky and well-crafted, and it's clear the animators did their research for the action scenes.

Nothing all that shocking honestly unless you are 12 years old and/or never watch GoT. I am sure Berserk was more gratuitous with the rape and creepy shit but it's whatever, people love crying about that sort of stuff these days.

For an anime it does a good job of showing the interactions between your common rpg party. Goblin Slayer is really like the macguyver of anime mc's that uses his mind to defeat creatures far out of his league.

How many episodes in are you @Phara0h Have you read any of the manga?

I read the manga up to 28 and i am on 4th anime episode. I like what i see. This is not about a hero's story how to defeat demon king this is about a commoner who lost everything and burning with vengeance passion to get rid of every single goblin who are considered one of the weakest monsters. Goblin Slayer shows what happens if you underestimate something that can literally bite back and it also shows the real reason why people living in a fantasy world should be prejudice there is even a quota in the first episode "A good goblin eh. If you look hard enough you might find one but a good goblin is the one that didn't come out of their shitty holes."

Lol I wouldn't go as far to say that they should be prejudice but it hammers in the fact that goblins are more monster than a normal player race. It's funny because I thought the dude that trained Goblin Slayer was a goblin but he apparently was the equivalent of a halfling.

Goblin Slayer is totally a traumatized individual and pretty much insane even by his fantasy worlds standards. That doesn't stop him from waging his one man campaign. He as a character is pretty fascinating in a setting like that because he is basically The Punisher. Everyone else is dealing demon lords and dragons super villains of that world and he dealing with the ordinary day to day baddies that no one ever thinks to stop even though they routinely do these heinous things.

Brand new day is a good read too @Greenstalker

I just checked out this anime on vrv. It's kind of odd but not to too bad.

I haven't had a chance to watch the anime (lack of Crunchroll account limits me a little without... erm, using other means), but I've been reading the manga for some time.

Once you get past the initial shock value bits of the goblins from the first chapter or two, the more horror end of it, it kinda becomes more of a somewhat typical D&D story. It's interesting to see how the Goblin Slayer changes over time, easing somewhat in his fiery vengeance.

On a side note, I do find some humor in the fact that nobody is referred by their actual name, but their job/race, or in the goblin slayer's case, the occasional nickname.

Oh I love this one. The violence was very unexpected! However, as a big Berserk and Gantz fan I do not mind it at all.

As someone who is up-to-date with the manga, I'd say that all of the comparisons with Berserk and such come entirely from two particular parts. The first chapter/episode, and a later chapter that hasn't happened yet that I won't spoil.

Otherwise, it's more like a Drifters or Hellsing Ultimate.

In addition, the D&D comparison is infinitely apter than you realize. Goblin Slayer's backstory is the ultra-stereotypical "Lone Wolf Spotlight Stealer" background that we see here every other game. The casters run on Vancian magic, including spell components. They later fight a <generically-named version of a WotC copyrighted monster>, complete with a near-exact copy of said creature's 3.5 ability list.

Not to mention the two deities running the whole thing like a D&D game in the background.

That generically-named monster was amazing, in the light novel. Especially since he was Pokemon'ing the whole time, to make a poke at the whole copyright thing.


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