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GURPS Temporarily Misplaced

With a biomedical/engineer type...I'm thinking of exploring the situation of someone who is very high-tech savy forced to use his skills in a more primitive setting. How does he adapt from designing complex devices using modern tech to rigging things with very basic materials and tools? My hope is to get him to be more of a gadgeteer type where he can create gizmos on the fly later on.

From a medical perspective, it would be interesting to see him develop into a kind of a healer type, but through the devices he invents and creates. He's pseudo trained in medicine, but he is not a formally trained doctor or surgeon since he's still an engineer. However, it would be interesting to see him forced to learn to apply the little he knows to fix and heal himself and his companions.

Just some ideas.

I looked at gadgeteer, both levels, and thought it might be banned, at least the 50 point version, and the 25-point version takes too much equipment. Gizmos might work, though even that might have limits given the setting.

Yeah, I don't think we can start with them, but it was mentioned that some advantages and powers may open up later as we develop. Not sure how much, but it's still something I'd like to explore even from a more mundane route.

@hakootoko Are you asking if it is pre-9/11? When I originally wrote this campaign, the TSA didn't have a heart attack if you had a pocket knife in carry-on luggage or your pocket. Generally this was limited to blades under 4". Large knives, guns, explosives, these were still restricted from the flight cabin but some of them could be in checked luggage.

My post 9/11 games typically assumed that 9/11 either didn't happen or that the security restrictions have been relaxed somewhat. So for the purpose of this game, no explosives. utility pocket knives with non-fixed blades under 4" may be in carry-on luggage (leatherman multitool, swiss army knife). Ammo must be locked separately from a firearm, and there is a tax of $100 per 100 rounds (payable from adventuring funds).

Gadgeteer is cinematic and would thus not be accessible at first. It would be later on. PC's that want to get a head start can take the first level with -80% latent-unusable [5]. They can then switch the latent for other limitations and start buying the advantage up, or spend 20 CP at once and completely remove latent. There will definitely be a lot of build the tools to build the tools issues.

Gizmo is also cinematic. However, since this is a survival game and resource tracking is a significant component, I am offering two variations of gizmo. PC's may have a total of five gizmos.
Gizmo (Occupation TL8) Accessibility (Only for items directly related to one's profession or reason for travel that would be reasonably assumed to be with the character) -40%, Limited Use (Once) -40% [1] The character may pull out of their pocket an item not listed on their equipment list that would be reasonable assumed to be an everyday carry item based on their occupation of reason for travel. Once used, and upon GM approval, this advantage may be upgraded by changing the Accessibility to (current TL only, -20%), and then removing the Limited Use. Unlimited use must maintain the TL restriction.
Gizmo (TL8) Limited Use (Once) -40% [3] The character may pull one item from their pocket from TL 8. Once used, and upon GM approval, this advantage may be upgraded by changing the Limited Use to Accessibility (current TL only, -20%). Unlimited use must maintain the Accessibility restriction.
@psychburn don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunity to develop into a healer of various arts.

Actually, that didn't occur to me! I was just trying to plan out a character background. You said you'd originally run this game in 1999, so I was wondering if it was going to take place in that context.

Actually, they said that the first time they ran it was in 1999. Not that it would be set then.

Yeah, that will make a difference on equipment availability. Part of me wishes that the destination was somewhere else. What month (in game) will be the departure from Miami?

Just to throw this out there, you might want to take a look at this site for the regulations to import firearms to South Africa.


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