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Yeah, it's really easy to limit a character to a single element if that's what the game setting needs. With normal Pathfinder spells you have to tell players not to pick spells that do other damage types, and there might not be enough spells that do the appropriate type of damage so you might have to pick other spells and change the element for them...
It isn't so much that they can't use other elements than it is that they are simply better at their attuned element. I feel like that would be too annoying, especially if you are facing creatures that were immune to your specific element. Before looking at the Spheres stuff I was going to basically apply something similar to a Sorcerer's bloodline arcana to everyone. Something like "Whenever you cast a spell with an energy descriptor that matches your attuned element's energy type, that spell deals +1 point of damage per die rolled" or "all spells involving your attuned element are considered to be cast at a higher level (maybe +2)" or the ability to alter any spell's element to match your attunement. Ex: Burning hands can be cast as cold damage.

The Kineticist class from normal Pathfinder, Occult Adventures, is strongly themed for elemental flavors, if you want to look at that as one of the options.

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