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Science Fantasy - System and Theme

Thanks for that feedback. It made me stop and do a little more digging and I rediscovered Stars Without Number. Not sure how popular it is on the weave, but I think I have a good idea of how to make it work with a Science Fantasy slant. Just gotta tweak a few things and roll up a sector and I'm off to the races.

Still going to keep fantasy races mixed with aliens, and magic though in a slightly different form. Anyone have any experience with this system on the weave? Is it relatively popular?

For the races, I would go with the actual stereotype tenancies, but adapted to sci fi like you proposed.

Dwarf could be very industrious and the quality of their armaments reputed as mastercrafted. They could live under the mountains or in a kind of underdark, but maybe due to hostile environment of their home-planet surface.

Elves could be on world that mixes technology and nature together. Or maybe you can inspire yourself from the Eldar from Warhammer 40k.

Orc are a belligerent nomad race that go everywhere to loot and plunder. They are cruel raiders at best and heartless mercenaries at their best, worshiping a war god who justify their way of life.

Rock Gnomes might be among the greatest but the craziest scientist (nothing new here) of the galaxy/universe while their forest counterpart might have separated from them to seek back their root and live like the old way, in the nature. They could be in some kind of civil war over those principles.

Halfling could be corporate aligned individual, but for the profit of their own people. They are very socialist among themselves, but only among themselves. They are not xenophobic or belligerent, but they tend to see ''their people first''. But, they could have a strange code of honor that allow them to ''adopt'' people in their family in certain case, opening the door to trusted people from other species.

Dragonborn might be the remnant of magical/scientific experiments of dragons in the goal of conquest in the old time. Now, they could be a decadent race, selling their services as mercenary or other warrior occupation, a bit like the mandalorians from Star Wars.

Magic could be real and/or faked through nanites created by the elves to rely less on technology and help their effort to maintain a symbioses with the natural world. Or maybe it something only possible to people that had been modified somehow, like a mix of science fiction and fantasy (a magical implant, like a specific type crystal embedded in your brain and/or with some techno-magical cybernetics)

And on and on. Those suggestions are only to give you perspective - you are the ultimate creator of your game! I wish you luck, and if I see your game popping on, I'll make sure to throw my hat in!

Oh, and I don't know anything about Stars Without Number, sorry.

While it's not a free part of the game, Codex of the Black Sun ( is a SWN book all about adding in magic and spellcasting into sci-fi. In addition to the crunch, it includes essays that discuss how you might go about this as well as tables to roll on/inspire ideas about a myriad of questions such a merger might require.


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