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Russian Doll (Netflix TV series - I wasn't a massive fan, honestly) was a bit like this.

The ghosts thing makes for quite a different dynamic, but if it were the case that once everyone became a ghost the whole team restarted, that would still have the effect you're after I think. Players would know how close they are to a reboot, at least roughly, though I think it's still better if you can kill them all at once or not at all.

Here's an alternative idea: the game restarts by time, like Groundhog Day (i.e. the day repeats itself). If someone dies, yeah, they're out of it, but you don't have to wait on everyone else dying - at the end of the day they're back in. For PbP, though, depending on the pace, even this might not be enough.

@Spaceace Lol. Yeppers. Honestly while reading this skeleton Manga, all I can think is "this is re:zero except with a bad guy..."

I think this idea is splendid! Adding in a Lovecraftian angle to it would make it even better. Something like one of the Cthulhu Apocalypse scenarios, but every time the party would die, time would reset. Or, more accurately, some unknown alien power would pull their consciousness back to their past selves.

Death would not be the end, but every death would be mentally taxing. Unlike Call of Cthulhu though, I believe a Darkest Dungeon-style approach would be best. When sanity reaches the breaking point, a secret check would be made. Success would grant the PC a positive trait like "Bold Defiance" or "Stalwart Psyche", whereas failure would make players choose from a list of insanities, or roll if that's their preference. Repeated positive traits and mental illnesses could stack in potency.

That's just my two cents on what I think would be a cool scenario.

Addendum: You could also cook up a Hellraiser: Inferno-type scenario where the PCs are damned and forced to relive the same horrific events over and over. In this instance, they might be able to escape whatever hellish parallel dimension they got in if they tried hard enough.

@Astral Knight Interesting. Both lovecraft and hellraiser in one post. two of my favorite franchises. Ok, so people agree there is some potential to work with in a scenario like this, it just all depends on how its presented and what the meat is then. yeah?


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