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22 hours left on Dwarven Forge, and I will live in jealousy of everyone who gets to grab those sweet dungeon tiles.

- Logain

Last 3.5 hours. There was an issue with Amazon Payments being down for a while, but it's back up.

This is an amazing deal.

Annnnnnnnnd Amazon crapped out again.

If you're interested in getting anything, I suggest pledging as soon as Amazon is back up again. They're being frustratingly unreliable today. (It's not even a traffic issue - there's a technical issue between Kickstarter and Amazon..)

Originally Posted by Librarium View Post
Any thoughts on sharing the Roll20 marketplace? It could be very beneficial for both parties.
We are not currently looking into using the Roll20 marketplace as a source. Since we are a competitor of Roll20, I suspect they would not be likely to let us use their marketplace.

Gotta show my love for Adventure Maximus, created by my FLGS. Indoctrinate the next generation of gamers today!

Exalted 3rd Edition is up now.

... and this feels like a very underwhelming post for an RPG with such an epic scale.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
This one looks kind of cute, Golden Sky Stories. Its from the same people who made the MAID RPG. I am tempted to kick in at the $50 level, as I can get a PDF of this game and Maid out of the deal.
Yep. My desire for an easy print copy of MAID is what sold me.

Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 Kickstarter


Do you like 1980s cartoons like "Transformers", "G.I. Joe", "M.A.S.K.", "Thundarr the Barbarian", "He-Man And the Master of the Universe"? Then "Cartoon Action Hour" is just the ticket.

Just a few weeks ago, "Spectrum Games" started a Kickstarter for "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3". I had gotten founded successfully and we are trying to knock out all the stretch goals. You can help Spectrum Games out by following the link below:

CAH:S3 Kickstarter

Originally Posted by MadWritter View Post
Merged into the existing Kickstarter thread.

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