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Originally Posted by ShadowFighter15 View Post
Exalted 3rd Edition is up now.

... and this feels like a very underwhelming post for an RPG with such an epic scale.
Okay; my post about it might've been under-stated but the fans response wasn't - damn thing hit their target in just 18 minutes! If that doesn't feel Exalted, then I don't know what does!

That CoC kick starter is too tempting . . .

I keep telling myself to wait to buy it when it goes on "regular" sale, but . . . I probably won't wait. :-D

Surprised nobody posted this one. Then again, every Iron Kingdoms thread that's come up in the Game Planning forum has fallen through so WarmaHordes probably doesn't have as big a presence on here as I thought.

Warmachine: Tactics - a turn-based strategy game based on Privateer Press' wargame. Not a direct adaptation but it certainly looks like it's keeping the feel.

It looks awesome, I kicked in for the 40 cause I def want the limited edition Merc guy being a Llaelese merc supporter

Another Miniature Kickstarter. New company looking to start a new Skirmish game called "ArcWorld". It has some really different and cool looking minis and he already has some casts done.

3D Virtual Tabletop for Android, Kindle and iDevices.

NZ dev just looking for the funds to buy a pro Unity licence to release a network version.

Thought some Myth-Weavers might be interested.

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