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This week in video games...

So if anyone missed the Steam Summer Sale and needs a fun game to play, Endless Sky is a surprisingly fun free game. It's a space trading sim at heart, but there's tons of cool little personal stories hidden in the missions you get, from transporting a badass band around, to encountering new alien species, to helping research the mysteries of the universe. I've enjoyed it quite a bit, and it's a rather peaceful change of pace from the frenetic action of most games.

The controls are rather awkward though, if memory serves. Also, if you want a top down space game with frenetic action that is actually also pretty intelligent and strategic and have a bit of money to spend you should totally check out Starsector. It's a bit like Mount and Blade IN SPACE (it's even being sold the exact same way as the original Mount and Blade), except you can customize the equipment of all your ships equally and have like, carriers, and stuff.

I'm waiting for Lost Ark, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and maybe Pyre to come out.

I picked up Crypt of the NecroDancer for a few bucks during the summer sale. The 4th level sure is hard as Cadence!

I thought D:OS 2 was already out? Did I not see the advertisement for it during the Steam Sale (without it actually being on sale)...?

D:OS2 has an early access out for the first area. Full release is early september.

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