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This week in video games...

LOL! Probably that last one. I mean, 'Chippin In' is SOOOOO 2020. He really needs to come up with a new hit for 2077.

About a decade ago Keunu was a punchline for bad acting. Now he's the internets sweetheart. It's been a nice transformation to see.

I believe it was confirmed in an interview that Johnny Silverhand died prior to the games start and that his character is a ghost that aids you in the game.

If you're looking for an absolutely free, non-gacha JRPG on mobile, download Dragon Lapis. It's a retro RPG very similar to early Dragon Quest games with a solid story, cool job system and, assuming you set it on "Hard", a heck of a challenge over the course of its 25+ hour run-time.

Did I mention it's entirely free?

As long as you don't mind a very small ad running on the bottom of the screen (you have to play in portrait mode and, honestly, you won't notice the ad at all after a few minutes of playing), this is one of the only free RPGs available that doesn't involve the endless cycle of "sit, wait, and/or pay" that we've all gotten used to over the last ten years or so. Good stuff!

I finally ground out to Rank 1 in world of warships during the Rank Sprint. Having had to endure several games with completely useless, good-for-nothing team-mates that couldn't Spot to save their lives, I'm finally glad to be done with it.

Btw, anyone bought anything during the Steam summer sale?

I picked up Kingdom Come: Deliverance and it's DLC for half price. It's a pretty awesome game, even if I did almost ragequit 30 minutes into the game because I kept bleeding to death during the prologue. (you know what I mean if you've played the game)

I liked Kingdom, but I also didn't like how they complicated things kind of unnecessary. At least that is how I felt down the line. I got Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales and Darkwood, but didn't really like the latter, so I asked for a refund.

I didn't buy anything during this steam sale. I've thought about:

Monster Hunter World -- There's Dauntless for free.
Pathfinder Kingmaker -- I wasn't sure I wanted to spend $50 for all of the expansions.
Outward -- Don't know too much about it.
Bloodstained -- I'm a Castlevania fan, but I can wait out a better discount than $4 :P
Moonlighter -- $9 doesn't seem too bad, but haven't pulled the trigger yet
Hades -- Not available on Steam yet.

I know why people aren't real keen on Epic, but Hades is a incredibly good game. The latest update was great. I really hope that the game's exclusive deal ends after a year, or whenever it finally leaves early access status. More people need to pick it up.

Over the weekend, I won World of Warships... uninstalling.


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