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For Yuuki Yuuna, I'm watching FFF's, and Inou Battle is Commie's.

...Though, once the season actually ends, I'll most likely switch to Horrible just to finish up and get current with shows I'm behind on (like I did with Mahouka a season or two ago). In all honesty, I should probably just start watching everything raw so that poor subs don't annoy me (I did this with one show already), but then I worry about hitting the science/magic technicalities and not being able to parse quickly enough. -_-

Yeah, I don't have that just watch everything raw option, but I guess that is why I don't have the issues with poor subs.

I have a sudden hankering for a good romance. Already watched Toradora, and don't plan to rewatch for another six months or so.

Suggestions? :P

Honey and Clover.

[edit] Kimi ni Todoke as well.

I use sites that we aren't allowed to discuss on here, so that's me lol.

Hmmm if you're looking for something like Toradora.... you might try Lovely Complex or Golden Time.

Seen Golden Time, liked it. Not looking for anything like Toradora, though. And not looking for anything that's got a lot of love interests. Something like Golden Time, where it's about the relationship with one girl.

EDIT: Kimi no Todoke is in the right direction. I think I've seen it before, or at least read the manga.

Clannad is more slice of life than anything else (at least S1), but its got its romancy parts, and there's never a question about who the MC is going to end up with. Even has some 'extra' episodes of two of the better other girls routes shortened into one-offs.

Edit: And Philturn with the ninja.

Lovely Complex isn't all that like Toradora IMO. I am trying to remember more. I know several romances. Will need to take a look again.

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