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I haven't watched any worthwhile anime since 2012, god I feel old.

Last on was Steins;Gate, which was absolutely brilliant.

Can anyone recommend a new-ish anime/manga that is up to that standard?

I am looking for something smart and mature and/or with a beautiful art style. I am not into shounens or childish stuff with zero depth.

Lately, I've been watching Darling in the FRANXX (mecha series - well animated, but the story has some EVA-ish elements of teen angst. Also plenty of fan-service) and Violet Evergarden (touchy-feely, slow-moving, amazingly animated, but you really gotta like the slice-of-life types of anime). Your mileage may vary.

I'd recommend Violet Evergarden as well. Awesome series and will be finishing up this week so you'll be able to binge it rather easily.
@Zell - Well, Smart/Mature and depth are easy enough to find I would say, but is there a more specific genre that you're looking for? Steins;Gate is fantasy/Sci-Fi I would say, something similar along those lines? If you can give some more details I can take a look for some. Just at work right now so would need to get back to you later.

Originally Posted by Zell View Post
I am not into shounens or childish stuff with zero depth.
How about something with Re:Zero depth? Eh? Eh?

I'm trying to think of anime of the past 6 years I'd actually recommend. I guess it's hard to recommend ANY anime since so much of it is awful or unfinished, and even the stuff that isn't "awful" is so highly subjective...

From around the same time as Steins;Gate, Psycho Pass and Shinsekai Yori are both shows that are worth watching if you haven't already. Robotics;Notes is technically a (same universe) sequel to Steins;Gate although it isn't very good.

Since there's absolutely no way to account for someone else's taste, I'll just list a bunch of anime I thought were worth watching for one reason or another:

I am also not super into slice of life or touchy feely stuff.

I did watch Psychopass, both seasons and even tho I don't consider it near close to Steins;Gate, I did like it a lot (specially the first season).

I'll give you a rundown of my favorites, since honestly there aren't that many.

Thanks for any and all suggestions, I'll be sure to check them out.

Originally Posted by Zell View Post
I am also not super into slice of life or touchy feely stuff.
In that case there's tons of stuff you can strike off my list

Hmm I'm mainly Slice of Life but with a big side of horror. In no particular order (Keeping to non-slice of life / good depth)

Akira -> Movie Classic.
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni -> Series, Slice of life but messed up horror
Baccano! -> Series, lots of blood and characters and touches of fun. Still fantasy in one respect (Not wanting to spoil)
Another -> Series, Horror slice of life. More horror than anything and has some great death scenes.
Log Horizon ->Series, Big hype train series from a few years ago. Get stuck in a game as a character.
Death Parade -> Series, ever wonder what happens when two people die at once? This show explains.
Overlord -> Series, another stuck in a game world. S2 just ended but not as good as S1.
Hellsing Ultimate -> Series, better than the original. Lots of blood, gore, death, and awesomeness.
One Punch -> Series, big following from the Manga. A more fun series to just relax to.

Those are some shows. Kind of close to what you like..

@Zell - It's not bad. I watched the first season and enjoyed it. Parts of the anime felt rushed compared to what I had read of the Manga, but how often isn't that the case? It's a bit darker and bloody so if you're fine with that then there isn't too much of an issue. It's worth at least watching 1-3 episodes (First episode doesn't really set anything up, at least watch until 2 or 3) or a few chapters of the Manga to see if it's something you'd like.

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