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Best Character Quotes- now with 50% less context!

"What is the salt content of urine anyway?"

"...And now there's a tiger wearing a toque who has chosen to use my meal as a seat. Daikitsu preserve us from druidic companions with no table manners."

'I want the lightning to shoot out of my lute'

'I'm want to convince him that I'm his long lost brother, then while he's shocked I want to kiss him, pick the key out of his pocket without him noticing, cry and leave. What do I roll?'

"If we take them alive, can we sell them as slaves?" -fresh out of the box labor droid

"Hiya porknuts, nice to meet you, I'm Marlo!" extends a hand

<Indeed... Crushed by a gianl moray eel while in the desert, apparently.>


"Anyone you can do, I can do better."

"That's supposed to be anything."

"Maybe if you're a pervert."

"non-friendly mushroom!"


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