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Book of Mis-spells

Sealed up Approval

Conjures magical spell to cause anyone to approve whatever you want, but it's impossible to open and therefore use.

Increase Charisma

Crease Charisma

Pretend to add a -1 modifier to all of target's Charisma rolls, and have that person think it so, even though their Charisma is totally unaffected.



Allows the caster to coast along a magically-induced wave that can endure for as long as the caster maintains concentration. While this does not grant you the ability to breathe under water, it does grant a small pocket of air for those incapable of doing so. Be wary of collisions!

Prismatic Orb

Prismatic Orc

Summons chaotic monster wearing Saruman's multicolored outfit. Strange.

Spear and Magic Helmet

Spear Any Magic Helmet
If there are no magic helmets within range, this spell automatically fails. Otherwise, make a ranged attack with your spear.

Ray of Frost

Ray of Froth

Sprays target with high pressure stream of foam.

Invincibility Potion

Invisibility Potion

Duration: Instant
Makes the imbiber permanently and irrevocably invisible. Please see "The Invisible Man" for possible negative side effects.

Make Whole


You are banned from your favorite online game. You dirty cheater, you.

Prediction of Failure

EDIT: Ninja'd! Trying again.


Summons 1d4 wild, mangy dogs. They're utterly uncontollable and seem to take perverse glee in defying you. They steal your lunch and run howling into the woods.

Prediction of Failure

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