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Book of Mis-spells

Mage's Discerning Flatulence: You conjure up a foul wind at the posterior of your enemy. This wind is accompanied by a rather awkward sound. The target and those near him are engulfed in a stinging cloud of noxious gas. Each person within the cloud immediately turns at the target with a disproving look

Inspirational Boost

Inseparable Goose:
You summon a loud honking Goose that believes you are it's mother. It refuses to leave your side.
Duration: permanent

G'Nowhere Chant: As the name suggests, the spell sends the caster absolutely nowhere. You end up staying right where you are for whatever duration you wish. And as the target can only be the caster, you can't even cast it on anyone else.

Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound

These are quite fun ^_^
Mordenkainen's Fitful Hound:
Functions the same as 'Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound' except the hound is crippled with convulsions for the spells duration and provides no benefits.


Giblets: Casting giblets creates 2d4 pounds of mysterious meaty giblets. Gravy not included.

Baleful Polymorph

Wailful Polymorph: Caster polymorphs himself into a banshee.

Yeah. That's the best I got.


Can't Age On: caster is immune to aging effects for the duration of the spell

Arcane Mark

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