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Book of Mis-spells

Mark of Juices: Target gets splashed with liquid, and for clvl days, sweats that liquid from his or her skin forever. The liquid must come from a living, nonmagical, plant or animal. And has many uses ranging from comedic to combat.

Magic Fang

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Musk of Justin: Target reeks of Givenshy Perfume for 2d4 hours.

Circle of Protection vs. Chaos

Magic Slang: You can communicate using the slang only understood by wizards and sorcerers.

Circle of Protection vs. Chaos

Circle of Confection vs. Chaos: You summon a ring of bread that satiates chaos and converts it to a contented neutral

Wings of Cover

Wings of Clover: User gains wings composed of 4-leaf clovers... they won't help you fly, but you will get +2 luck bonus to negate falling damage


Bartskin: Turns your skin (or hide, or scales, or fur, or etc...) a Simpson-yellow color. █████

Golem Strike.

Golem Strike: Causes all nearby Constructs to go on strike, refusing to do anything but stand about and demand equal rights through the use of placards. Banned in Eberron games.

Leomund's Tiny Hut

Leomund's Tiny Mutt: Summons Leomund's small dog, a chihuahua/yorkie hybrid. It barks menacingly at all enemies. It has 1 hp and does 1d4-6 damage.

Lightning Bolt

Usain Bolt - The caster gains a burst of speed equal to 10' per caster level for one round

Rain of Roses (BoED)

Chain of Roses - Conjures a necklace chain made out of roses. Deals 1d4 thorn damage to his wearer. Hippies are immune this damage.


Bess: summons a cow.

Cone of Cold

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