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So I was bored and had 100 extra gold, so I decided, "why not go ahead and open a pack?", so I did...


^^ I actually did that exact motion, while stifling a "squee!" of glee^^

I don't play Paladin, but maybe now is the time?

Part of me wants to make him into something else, like Sylvanas, but I know Tirion is the Paladin Legendary.

Congrats! [As I read that name I reflexively looked anxiously at the bottom of my screen for a Polymorph or Fireball to follow Fireblast to be followed by Acidic Swamp Ooze.]

I would say, at least put him in a Paladin deck and 'take him for a spin' for several games and see how things go. And I'd probably say to wait until whatever modifications / card 'nerfs' happen. If you do decide to dust him (I doubt he will get 'nerfed', but there is a tiny chance he might) what you want to turn him into may change depending. (For example if Big Game Hunter, who seems very likely to get some kind of reduction in power - perhaps a deal X dmg to a Minion with 7 or more attack rather than kill, gets nerfed - you might think harder about if you want Ragnoros. Etc.)

I have Hogger and Sylvanas as the Legendaries I run in my Classic only Mage (Control). (I think my only ones, glad to have them.) Some games (like vs board flood / rush / 'face' deck or a Warrior Weapon deck sometimes) Hogger helps more. Some games (like they are playing big ol' minions) Sylvanas helps more. Plenty of games I lose (or win) regardless.

And. I'm very encouraged, personally, to read this.
(Apologies for possible lack of clarity below.)
The only times I've gotten a Legendary (or perhaps even an Epic) is when I paid cash money for packs. I am near entirely certainly I've only gotten Rares from gold ('free') packs. While perhaps I am just off in my memory, I am very much convinced Blizzard (very understandably) has the odds much higher to get more than just a rare from cash money bought packs than from the gold earned from playing used to get a pack, packs. I am now just a tiny bit hopeful (but mostly resigned that I will only get one Rare in each) that the near 1800 gold I have saved to go to packs of the new set when it comes out - might get me more than just a rare in maybe one of the 'free' packs I get of it.

Thanks for sharing. Congrats again. And enjoy playing him and/or whatever you end up doing with the dust if you do so.

Well, for what it's worth, I've never paid a penny in Hearthstone and I don't use gold for packs, so I've only ever gotten "free" packs through brawls and arena runs, and I've gotten both regular and golden legendaries before. I wouldn't read too much into this particular conspiracy theory.

I've only done a bit of Brawls or Arena so I can't speak to that.
I don't really mean to post a conspiracy theory. Just from my experience, when I've paid money for like 10 packs at a time. There is always a legendary, epic, etc in those packs. I've gotten a LOT of 'free' packs from gold. And I can't personally remember a legendary. I could very well be wrong. And I'm glad to read the Post at the top - and hope I have better luck when I use gold for packs of the new set. I'm happy with and enjoy playing. (And really looking forward to Standard with my Basic and Classic / Expert only Collection.)

It's a cute theory but no way it's true. Why would blizzard do that? Especially without advertising it (to incentivize people to buy with money rather than gold). There's no real data to support this theory.

There was also a theory that you get better cards playing on mobile apps too.

There's tons of these similar "theories" on Hearthstone related boards. My favorite so far is one where a player thinks the game detects which class he likes to play and only gives him cards of classes he doesn't like to keep him buying more.

Ha ha, good one. I'm sure it is Recency Bias on my part.
Hearing from you all and a person who has played for a long time who just texted me, I believe you.
I honestly have only barely read any of their boards, and wasn't sure if it was an openly acknowledged thing of lower odds for non money paid packs. (It wouldn't be completely unreasonable in my view.)
Thanks for that. Appreciate it.

I'm going to buy the 50 pack deal for old gods then dump my gold into more packs. I currently have 1200 gold. I don't think I'll be at 5000 when it comes out unless my arenas go really well, but will probably end up with 20-30 packs from gold. If I remember I'll track what I get from each for funsies.

I read once that blizzard uses some kind of system for decideing when to drop a legendary. Basicly, what it said was there is the normal random chance, and then there is some kind of mercy limit. Something like, if you dont get a legend by the time you have opened 29 packs (each pack type has a different counter) then your 30th pack is garenteed to have a legendary. But once you get one, by mercy or chance, then the counter resets.
I have actualy tested this and it seemed to work. Though I can't remember what that mercy limit number is (30 is just a guess. I have an awful memory but somewhere between 30 and 50)

Also, I have been playing consistently since GvG came out. I've only droped at most 5-10 bucks on packs, just to try it out, and for a while now I've reached the point where I rarely open a pack that doesn't go streight to dust from duplicates. Once you reach that point your collection expands pretty quickly as the dust fills in the gaps random chance leaves.

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