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Most decks that run Ancient Watcher unfortunately need to run things you do NOT want to silence, usually taunts on very big minions that keep you alive, like Handlocks or ramp druids with buffs or Ancient of War. Priest's big power cards aren't really hurt by silence, and in some cases benefit a lot from it. Deathlord and Auchenai Soulpriest are nice to turn off, for example.

I was thinking that instead of running taunts, you'd run pure silence. And priests are really good for that sort of thing, with all their class cards dedicated to it.

I've done something like that before, "Silence Priest" I called it. It was actually pretty fun and I've angered more than a few opponents with my silence shenanigans.

I don't think I'd like it much, myself. I do think keeping one Silence or Mass Dispel in your deck is good, but it often isn't really worth it.

Today I learned that if you silence a minion that is affected by Shadow Madness, it doesn't leave it on your field, it returns it to your opponent. So if you do go the Silence Priest route... keep that in mind.

Yeah I've done some testing with Shadow Madness. I lost a rank game recently seeing how it interacts with Sylvanas. Apparently, if you pop an enemy Sylv and she steals the Shadow Madness'd minion, it still stays on that side when turn ends. The debuff actually remembers who the original owner is, and sends it back unerringly when it falls off. Thankfully the permanent ones don't leave a debuff...

personally my favorite one is godzilla. i know it is old and kind of similar to pokemon but it is different in its own way. hearthstone is also a unique card game but i am sure there are going to be more improvements in the future. that is why beta is for. one thing for sure...blizzard is never going to escape with balancing issues and hope this game doesn't turn into paid to win kindda thing.

I've never paid a dime, Jenne, and I've played (and won). I've even opened every wing of Naxxramas on gold alone. Between daily quests and the arena, this is a very balanced game that really doesn't require you to pay anything. Sure, you can...but you'll still lose now and then to a cheap bastard like me

They only thing you can pay for is Arena runs(which end up paying for themselves if you pay in gold), packs of cards(100 gold for a single pack at a time, but you get a pack from Arena anyways) and wings for Nax. The only thing I've payed for, personally, is for Nax, but that's because trying to earn 700 gold per wing can take a while.

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