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should have read the 'common reports / not bugs first'

My Noble Sacrifice didn't trigger when my opponent attacked!
Did you have 7 minions on the battlefield? Playing cards that create minions act the exact same way as trying to play a minion. If you don't have room, the card will not trigger.

I did have a full board. Wow. First for me, live and learn.

**Rank 2!

I had forgot about Lich King today - then saw people "battling lich king" rather than "Losing to Lich King" and remembered.

Having lost with all Classes and seen what he starts with. Priest (Hilarious!) seems best bet. Though RenoLock (avoids any dmg from spell) also seems good (what I'm trying now).

I beat him with Astral Druid. 8 more to go. I think quest Mage can beat him rather easily but I haven't tried it yet.

Edit: ewww never mind on Quest Mage. I forgot he kills all minions under 3 mana.

Err. Guess he only does that against Druid. So is his opener always different?

I just barely won with Priest. Reaper Anduin really helped for the Bonemare and what it buffed. Timely Silence (Ha!) for his Sludge Belcher. Big healing potion before. Reno would have been good as well. (well...) Going to go see what cards I accidentally had as more than 1 in deck that ruined Raza and Kazakas for me - goodness me, glad I barely still won.

*"Temple Enforcer, you bum - you're lucky to be in there as a one of, how could you not say something?!" Good times

**P.S. If you play the Lich King, the other says "Hello Handsome" ha ha (and yours replies with "I look good.")

I think his opener is different for every class.

There has got to be a way to leverage his "remove all spells" on rogue into a good 4 card combo deck. Barnes + Blood of the Ancient + Shadowcaster maybe?

Definitely different for every Class.

Wow. Lich king was a joke with priest. I used the same "big" priest I use on ladder and crushed him. Frostmoune phase is nothing against Shadow Word horror.

Also the Lich king 1st card is pretty silly after I've been trying to figure out what to do with Mage.

Ya, I think they have Priest for newbies wanting to get that pack. It's so funny how they did it.

Shadow Word Horror is a great card for all those 2,6s

Took longer than I'd like to admit, but got him down with Mage..

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Awesome, strong work sir.

The ONLY time I approve of that infinite combo.
(Maybe a few weeks from now, when most have had a chance at Lich King with all Classes - they can nerf some stuff.)

I'm not sure I'll try with all Classes. May dabble a bit. I tried a lot with RenoLock. May go with Barnes / Y'Shaarj only Hunter some.

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