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Ya, very understandable.
I'm a bit lost at rank 10. Seems a lot of combo that you lose to if not pressure. Odd rogue may be my best bet.

Though I gained a few stars just now w control warlock since had a play 30 lock cards. Faced an odd paladin. Something else. And a druid trying something with the, kill a minion and attack again but he played it early. Played another Beast after (so dont think could rely on Witching hour). And Blood reaver Gul'dan took over for Nemsy and closed out the game.

Getting closer to Rank 5 with odd Rogue.

Just saw on Playhearthstone.com that starting in February Ranks 50 to 16 will only have 3 stars. 15 to 11 4. 10 to 1 stay at 5.

I think a welcome change for a lot of players. Including me if I take some time away.

Feb 5 thru Feb 12

* Gold and Dust Quests on the way (I likes those).
* Golden Fireworks Tech for login
* And bundle of 30 packs for $20 (or so, depending on your region) of last 3 sets
[Good deal for relative newcomer looking to play Standard after Rotation in Spring.]

**Woah - not to be forgotten!
"Greet your worthy opponents with a festive and firework-filled Lunar New Year emote!"

Interesting brawl. I thought mechadin was going to be good, but the end of turn minion combo thing removes the Mech type. Had success with a minion/deathrattle hunter once I figured out the mechanic.

I won with a zoolock on 3rd attempt. Ya, I didn't realize it would remove all types at first either.

Thanks for sharing. Hunters Mark to 2 and Emerald Spells tone to 6 should help vs Hunter a bit. (Though Skulking Geist now misses Mark)

Cold Blood to 2 cost makes sense. As does Flametongue Totem to 3. (Even Shaman in Wild is a beast)

I'm most jazzed to see Equality go to 4. (And not 3 for odd paladin.) I always thought it was silly that 2 cost card could so set up a board of... Deathwings or what have you to be killed. Still silly in my mind even at 4, but much less so.

That's what I was thinking. It would be even (odd) worse at 3 than 4 in that.

Got a Play 3 Dragons for 80g and 80 dust, not a bad quest.

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